Three excellent cool Xining tourists praise

when other city residents suffer like fire barbecue, Xining people can freely eat hot spicy Hot pot, when the other residents of the city at night suffer mosquito bite force, the people of Xining are already asleep. To this end, a group of almost to be scorched tourists have to hide in the summer of Xining, came to Xining, they know that there are three goods in Xining.

a good: do not open air conditioning

before I came to Xining, Hebei students always think Beidaihe is a small warm summer resort, he said: "to Xining, to know what is the real summer resort, Beidaihe well, but also have air conditioning in Xining, I found all alone is air conditioning, even few people use electric fan moreover, Xining is well-known, far and near the Hehuang culture! I understand why so many tourists choose Xining as the first stop in the west, and the summer resort should be Xining." read more

The protection of the natural heritage site in Hoh Xil

3 25, 2009, the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress passed the "protection of natural heritage in Hoh Xil, Qinghai Ordinance", marking the home of the Tibetan antelope Hoh Xil to obtain legislative protection.

it is understood that the Qinghai province "Kekexili Natural Heritage Protection Ordinance" is divided into 5 chapters, respectively, from the planning, protection, utilization, management and other aspects of legal liability, the legal definition of Kekexili natural heritage protection work, clear planning, protection, Kekexili natural heritage utilization and management by the Qinghai provincial government responsible for Qinghai Province, housing and urban construction administrative departments in charge of the specific organization and implementation. read more

The mobilization of the whole people to create a health city – an open letter to the general public

to create a national health city is an important event related to the long-term development of Xining, is the common aspiration of the people of the city people, to improve the investment environment and beautify the living environment, promote the coordinated development of economy and society has far-reaching significance. To improve the city Chuangwei work, we appeal to the general public issued the following:

, I love Xining, the attitude of masters actively participate in the activities of health. Create a national health city is a social system engineering, is every citizen’s bounden responsibility and the duty, the needs of the people of common concern, support and participation of Chuangwei Chuangwei Chuangwei, long-term development for the city’s active brainstorming with our hands together to create and maintain a clean and beautiful livable environment, in the process of moving a harmonious society in Xining to the thriving and prosperous left in which we fought and deeply branded the. read more

Through the joint efforts of the city, model city work and achieved remarkable results

In order to improve the quality of city environment, improve the quality of the city, promote the eco city construction, realize the coordinated development of Xining economy, society and environment, since June 2010, the municipal government attaches great importance to the year working, the city government at all levels and all departments in accordance with the overall arrangements and model work requirements, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, focus on building livable industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city and is full of vitality, highlight the charm, rich affinity city of happiness ", centering on the 26 create index of carry out the work to create, at the same time the year working also won a positive response and participation of the general public, through the joint efforts of the city. Environmental quality further improved, a model of work and achieved remarkable results read more

To ensure the safety of the masses of the people in Xining Wang Xiao drug production, circulation an

September 9th, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao in Xining research drug production, circulation and supervision.

in Qinghai pharmaceutical factory, Wang Xiao stressed that the more successful at the time to tighten the string of safety and quality, want companies to strict customs purchase of raw materials, production and sales to strengthen management, increase staff training and product development efforts, play an exemplary role in the implementation of the new version of GMP. In Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Wang Xiao said, is the foundation of Tibetan medicine raw materials, medicine is to win the trust of consumers, to the construction of high-quality raw materials base to develop more new products, and to our province Tibet medicine industry development proposals. Wang Xiao said, in hisami Tibetan medicine, pharmaceutical industry in the diversity of Jiumei displays, enterprises should strengthen the whole chain at the same time, seamless management, increase investment in research and development, and in improving the Tibetan medicine industry in our province to actively explore concentration, improve the standard system etc.. In the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, Wang Xiao hope that enterprises in drug procurement, transportation, storage, sales and after-sales service and other aspects of strengthening management, and requested the relevant departments to give support to their import and export business. At the Institute for drug control, Wang Xiao called for a new contribution to the development of technology, personnel training and external cooperation. read more

West will urge the development of modern service industry cluster

July 4th, reporter held from the West District of Xining City, the thirteen session of the seven plenary meeting was informed that the second half of the year, the west district to the development of modern service industry is to adjust the structure to the way the strategic focus to the development of commercial buildings, neighborhood characteristics and headquarters economy as the focus, with nearly third industry transformation and upgrade level enhance the ability of leading industry.

cultivate modern service industry as a new economic growth point read more

Xining police cracked a large drug trafficking case seized 120 grams of methamphetamine

July 29th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West Branch narcotics brigade, with the assistance of the relevant departments, cracked the case of inter provincial trafficking of methamphetamine, the suspects were arrested on the spot and seized 120 grams of methamphetamine.

West Branch narcotics brigade in the song and dance entertainment, special industry drug-related problems found in the process of rectification, some people in the dance halls, bars, hotels, cafes, tea shops selling drugs. Subsequently, the police through the investigation, found that there are significant suspects. The police after more than a month of tracking investigation, July 29th, in a bar in Xining City, Wen Miao Jie, Chengzhong district will be returned from the field back to Xining to buy drugs trafficking longmou arrested on the spot from his carry black backpack in two bags of methamphetamine seized drugs, about 120 grams. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. read more

The West District of Xining city will achieve full coverage of community nursing home station

with a number of community elderly day care center, day care, housekeeping services for the elderly and other special care for nursing care services home-based care services, will achieve full coverage in the West District of Xining city at the end of this year.

community elderly day care center is also called "community daycare station", is to provide life care, a new pension model rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, culture and entertainment services for elderly people living in the area. Since the beginning of 2012, the west district has been established in the area of the 12 communities of the 12 community home care service station. This year, the new West District in the other 8 of the 8 community elderly day care center has been built and is being renovated, will by the end of the year, the 8 elderly day care center after the completion of the west area of all communities will have at least one "center station". read more

Winter Wheat Varieties ntroduction Trial demonstration project passed the acceptance and evaluation

Recently, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized relevant experts to Datong County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Huangzhong county and the breeding farm share of agricultural scientific and technological achievements to promote the project – "winter wheat varieties test and demonstration project" to carry out the inspection and evaluation

recently, municipal science and Technology Bureau of the experts on Datong County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Huangzhong county and the breeding farm share of agricultural scientific and technological achievements to promote the project – "winter wheat varieties test and demonstration project" to carry out the inspection and evaluation. read more

Xining 59 million 800 thousand yuan subsidy to promote the reform of public hospitals

This year, the city of Xining for 59 million 800 thousand yuan of special funds, for the five municipal public hospitals to cancel the lower after drug addition and public hospital medical equipment purchase, key discipline construction, personnel training and other expenses, and comprehensively promote the reform of public hospitals.

solution for the people "difficult and expensive" and other issues, the Xining pilot, to explore a model of Xining medical road. In terms of capital investment to adhere to the "small finance, livelihood" concept, increase investment, vigorously promote the reform of health system, health expenditure accounted for regular financial expenditure increased year by year. Public hospital reform investment from 20 million 400 thousand yuan before the reform increased to $109 million in 2015, an average annual growth of 27%. Among them: the special investment increased from 1 million yuan to $about 58000000, an average annual growth of 78%.

for the promotion of municipal public hospital reform, Xining city to promote the city’s public hospitals return to public welfare as the goal, reasonably determine the scale of public hospital compensation payments, mainly in line with national regulations retired personnel funds and on-the-job personnel expenses, canceled after drug addition to reduce income and bear the government’s emergency rescue and disaster relief, agriculture, urban and rural hospitals and non targeted aid etc..   read more

Today in Xining new node you

The national "The Belt and Road" development strategy, the opportunities to Xining is subversive, let Xining have stood on the new heights of the world, become an important node in the city connecting West Eurasian Economic zone. Such a big background gives the 2015 cities in Xining to renew the connotation of greater opportunities.

I focus on speeding up the city infrastructure construction, and gradually improve the city carrier function. First, the infrastructure to expand the standard surface". Four years of accumulated infrastructure investment 52 billion 540 million yuan, an average annual increase of 43%, "12th Five-Year" since the area from 103 square kilometers to 113 square kilometers, nearly three years of the demolition of 13 million square meters, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive transformation of the train station, Central Plaza, airport high speed along the North expansion, Nanchuan River comprehensive management of key area the transformation, DOPA Metro started construction, "five LIAN" to accelerate the pace of the water into the city projects fast forward, recycled water, sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network, river comprehensive management project smooth implementation. More than 90 km of new roads, water supply, drainage networks were up to 1000 km, 920 km, the main city of natural gas coverage rate of up to 98%, the city’s ability to protect significantly. Two is a significant improvement in the service level of the third industry. According to statistics, the city’s third industrial added value of an average annual growth of 10.2%, Wanda, Shen base, Huarun and a number of new business enterprises settled in Xining. The future will further develop "Internet plus", e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce business and a series of new formats, and constantly improve the level of service business. Three public service capacity is significantly enhanced. Since 12th Five-Year, for the people’s livelihood expenditure accounted for more than 80% of the city’s fiscal expenditure. One aspect of the social security and employment, and continuously improve the standard of urban and rural residents, a low-income family economic status checking mechanism, promote the urban and rural residents have, dynamic management; adhere to the employment as a priority among priorities of people’s livelihood, issued a;
read more

West three simultaneous implementation of the mass line

for the people service card, people contact card, public records…… Since last year, the first batch of the party’s mass line of educational practice since the beginning of each year, West District, county level cadres in-depth contact point of not less than 4 times, not less than 5 times the level cadres, general cadres not less than 10 times. The cadres of the region’s 428 people’s diary on the densely recorded people encountered difficulties and requirements.

West District strict implementation of the number one responsibility system, the full implementation of the first line of work, the masses saw the change, to see the results. Since last year, the first batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, in accordance with the understanding of west area synchronization, synchronization, improve the style of work to resolve the outstanding problems of synchronization requirements, leading cadres at all levels do not wait, do not wait, positive grassroots, actively promote the research plan, widely remonstrance, with practical action to solve the urgent and difficult bothering. Last year, the district focused on the implementation of the 6 major categories of private projects on schedule to complete the 19. Invested 4 million 100 thousand yuan to do practical things for the grassroots and the masses of the 283. Belonged to the units to cadres on volunteer service as the carrier, to carry out "Qingnuan migrant workers" attention to vulnerable groups, at the same time, the implementation of energy-saving wall Village District of Yushu, to solve the practical difficulties of the Tibetan people within the district. read more

Xining City special organs Yong lazy luxury 68 people last year by the party and government discipli

February 12th, the reporter learned from the executive meeting of the Xining municipal government held last year, Xining took the lead in the province to carry out the mediocre lazy luxury special rectification activities, and increase the intensity of the petition petition. Throughout the year, Xining city discipline inspection and supervision organs accepted the petition report 569, prokaryotic clues 111, filing 52, closed 49, 68 people have been party and government discipline, the county level cadres 2 people. read more

Xining City, the RS please listen to the demands of the taxpayer taxpayers prick

recently, Xining IRS IRS, Seongbuk invite area of key sources of more than 30 households and the general taxpayer, face-to-face communication and have a joyous gathering, the taxpayer, in a candid, harmonious and active atmosphere in their "prick", please listen carefully to the demands of the taxpayer.

forum staff briefed the city’s tax system in recent years to carry out the work. Participate in the Forum on behalf of the taxpayers to speak enthusiastically, on how to improve the level of collection and management, improve the quality of service on the views and views, exchange and discussion. Tax department said it would accept modestly, timely improvement. read more

Home textile chain stores need to be careful five elements

you want to invest in a successful home textile shop is very difficult, and not as simple as you imagine, success is not so easy to get. To successfully run a home textile store to pay attention to a lot of things, such as a clear understanding of how much money in the hands of the market assessment. Here are some points to be noted in the home textile chain.

read more

People praise the door of a good school features

there are so many good schools at home, each school has its own characteristics!" Holding the "West Sea Metropolis Daily", the public Mr. Wu said. Mr. Wu’s children will enter primary school next year, to understand the characteristics of the school has become his daily work this year". Since October 14th, the newspaper launched a series of good schools around, not only received the praise of parents, but also caused widespread concern in the community.

the "good schools around" a series of reports, to "Xing Hai Lu primary school: National Unity Education" into the characteristics of opening, has launched a Qinghai Huangchuan branch, Xining century occupation technical school, victory road primary school eight good schools around. After a series of reports published, the newspaper 96369 hotline received a call from the provinces and cities of the majority of readers. A citizen said on the phone, whether it is from the interest of the primary school teaching, individualized training of junior middle school, high school or to the international route, to the mode of vocational skills, very detailed reports, make the public more in-depth understanding of the door is a good school, look forward to seeing more good school reports. read more

People in the eyes of the eighteen major vision with the new agricultural insurance in mind more pra

more than and 20 years, Zhu Bei Village Ye Zhanxiang Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, four adult daughter pull alone. Life for the ordinary farmers, more difficult and difficult. "And" the traditional concept, it is ingrained in her heart. For the future life is guaranteed, Zhanxiang deliberately leaves around big daughter and son-in-law in.

2009, the news of the new agricultural insurance pilot in Qinghai spread to the village, farmers can also take the same as the City retired wages." Then, Zhanxiang leaves at the age of 61, although the body bone tough, daughters filial piety, every month to give her some living expenses, but with increasing age, Ye Zhanxiang had to consider the future of life. read more

Central Plaza North expansion project started Datong Street bridge reconstruction project started co

today, as the center of Xining North expansion project is an important part of Datong Road bridge renovation project started construction, road bridge will be mo honorable retirement, replaced by a modern bridge, people can access the car. The project makes Datong Street straight and Changjiang Road crossing, the traffic between the city area and transition area west of more convenient. Xining also marked the center of the north central expansion project officially launched.

it is understood that the expansion of the north central square is a key construction project of Xining city "in 12th Five-Year" during the project, outstanding build along the Nanchuan River New City Central City of Xining, will make Xining city spatial layout and city function change and upgrade. The key is to get through North expansion project to Datong Xing Hai Lu street, 54 street to Jiefang Road east-west traffic roads, make the transition between city district and west district traffic more convenient, thus alleviate the traffic pressure on the surrounding West Street, 71 road. read more