Keywords short Shanghai Longfeng will eventually be a mirage and insubstantial objects

business is the Shanghai dragon ER God is not an exaggeration, as Shanghai Longfeng seller market, they need to be ER to Shanghai dragon he needs to show and business products and services related to the website keywords, by means of Shanghai Dragon into the search engine industry being ranked queue. Of course, this ranking and RMB ranking is directly linked to the. The idea of our enterprise ranking is synonymous with no ground for blame, in terms of their online advertising.

through the search engine spiders to crawl the page, classify statistics, filtering, re processing, the final form of the so-called keyword ranking series. The search engine has its own set of standards to enter this sequence ", not a trifle can free to enter the ranking sequence. The search engine can only meet the standard access conditions, whether it is Google or love Shanghai is the only standard, good website structure, accurate and reliable. This is a search engine to the site also search sample, user evaluation of whether a site is readable only standard. read more

The website pictures big secret analytical optimization

2. pictures of URL images and also has the skill to tell, if the path URL image or image name containing the keyword, then the user to search in the search engine, it is likely to result in your picture, so as to guide the user to browse your site. Names can have contact with each other or similar keywords of the picture, a long time will increase the weight of the page and ranking, so we must grasp this point.


3. website pictures help to improve the user experience, but if the picture is too large, affecting the page loading speed, so the user experience does not increase, it will reduce. No one is willing to wait for a long time to load ", the user does not have the patience. If you can not avoid sites in a lot of pictures, it is recommended that you are under gzip compression on the website, the website opened after compression will speed up a lot. Another approach is to delay load set the picture, only when the user pulled down the page, picture resources will be invoked, this method is more effective. read more

The new nternet environment, exchange Links note

optimization can not be anxious, not for short-term effect of hanging black chain, connecting Links etc.. The content of the website and the chain would rather spend much time doing less guaranteed things, meaningless things don’t spend less time to do more.

is not too highThe

first, not included or included in the website page when not exchange Links.

, a website optimization to the appropriate

when we exchange Links is best and do not lower their website weight exchange, of course, if it is not a very good relationship, general high weight website is not willing to exchange with you. So it is best to find a can with their flat Links exchange site. read more

The site right down the death penalty for non master detail is the key of restoration

second: clever >

(2) value of the Links exchange not blind. Love of Shanghai Links requirements have become more and more strict, but many webmaster in exchange for a chain and a chain in, for some low quality chain will, when accumulated to a certain extent, love Shanghai will start the punishment mechanism, so that the site right down. Therefore, the webmaster want to delete "bad chain". Some buyers do not want to close links and links must be deleted immediately, if found each other abnormal snapshot should always pay attention to, if not for a long time did not recover, should be immediately removed. read more

How to select the site of server space

here to say the server health is mainly to other sites from the same server is the IP network to consider, some websites with a IP network with a server because of the use of black hat cheating in site is down right, if this time your website is also on this server, even if you do not use any means of cheating without any bad record, might also be involved at the same time is right down, before also had such a case, an originally has been normal website snapshot suddenly to a month ago and included stagnation, after checking the external links and web content sites identified no finally, the lock in the server, after checking with the server site found a large number of servers, Liuhe color this website was drop right, we should The all know this type of website will generally use some black hat means to achieve the purpose of fast, it is most likely to be punished, so we choose when the web server must see whether IDC agreed to put this type of site, and check whether to buy the IP network has this type of site and whether there are a large number of Web site was down the right punishment, to avoid their own websites have been implicated. read more

nterpretation determine what page is the baby of noble quality

panda algorithm:

1, according to the optimization of


noble baby Panda is the main basis to judge the click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) and links (link profiles), as long as the situation in the three of them are excellent, will not be listed as superficial website. Through analysis, the currently applicable level noble baby Panda for web level, and not down to the level of keywords. At the same time, a large number of low quality page will affect the entire site in the invisible. So we can see Google for authority, the content of the site of the original, the user’s trust in these three points is very seriously, we can use these to optimize the construction of blog. read more

The optimization of the ecological chain or the content is so constructed

content quality not only won the search engine, search engine, keywords ranking rose to the ideal position, quality content is more important. Many people think that the website optimization purpose is to make up the ranking, this view not only narrow and ignore the essence of search engine marketing. Keywords ranking is only a means, the real key is to win the trust of users. Imagine, even the very front rank, in the choice of products and services, how many will only choose a service provider? It is to hold the goods more than three do not suffer the mentality, to choose. The exquisite design, high quality content is to win a good first impression. read more

Optimization techniques, single page website ranking is no longer difficult to do 5

I think: single page set properly, and high quality of the chain, the website rankings >

because there are some disadvantages of single page website, only one page, so I will not consider too difficult words, little competition I will try to do a few.

content design Because the

1. for the single page itself is not what the title above the words once is enough, when writing the title of the note, which do not have the same key words, this is repeated. Keywords: if I choose the "stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel valves, stainless steel valves, stainless steel valve", there are stainless steel is repeated, the title will not write up all stainless steel can be written as "stainless steel ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, gate valve" etc.. read more

Love Shanghai also broke out in supernatural events, seeking certification

: the space-time transformation made a local real estate website in October 11, named "591 Dezhou real estate network", do content maintenance was to do every day, while Shanghai Longfeng, soon appeared, website snapshot situation, daily record is very gratifying, as the content included normally, I also began to do some outside the chain, inside and outside the onslaught, love Shanghai began to give me a smile. Rank one surfaced, many words are to the home front, the situation is very gratifying. read more

The development direction of veteran T T workers’ eyesHow long will it take to start a business at

, who has spent many years in the IT industry as well as a career planner, has given me a whole new look at the professional development of IT people. IT in this rapidly changing industry, the views of its occupation development we yesterday, today again, whether it becomes a pedantic by

someone asked her why she wanted to develop a App, she said, "

most people died at the age of twenty or thirty, because after this age, they are just the shadow of their own, then the rest of my life is spent in imitation of his day in and day out, more mechanical mincing, more repeat them in the doings of the rest of life, thinking, love and hate. John · – "Christophe read more

Shanghai dragon Er query four methods YAHOO chain must know

noble baby administrator tools personal feeling of the chain is full, can display links pointing to your site all domain.

second, through the YAHOO search engine query


third, the noble baby Webmaster Tools query

fourth, the chase WordNet new query

disadvantages: did not show the specific chain into the site, showing only the top-level domain name.

webmaster website basically provide backlinks query, such as webmaster helper, webmaster tools are quite good. Choose the chain query can jump to 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/, you can directly enter your web site, you can know the number of the YAHOO chain. read more

Text chain transfer page weight study time

In fact,

is a chain of time something recently discovered in Shanghai Longfeng practice optimization, the rankings are not a small role. This I said the chain mainly refers to the chain in the form of text.

say this time. Many owners may find a new job from the content to the link to at least 2-3 months to get a better page ranking. Maybe this time you do a lot of work outside the chain to do some Links and anchor text links, then ranking up, you think this is right. So keep on doing so, but then you can do more and less local links, so there is a bottleneck in the development of the website. I do not deny this method, because this method can indeed improve the ranking. This method is used and the chain also tell the search engine in this station is what you. The search engine must not be ignored but iq. In fact, a description of many times a word, the search can determine that you describe the meaning of this time plus a URL search actually understood you are saying this. So this invisible and gives you lots of links in place. (many do not allow you to do anchor text or hyperlinks) but now find a drawback in text links is to transfer the weight or is ranked relatively slow. I have this problem a lot of station. For example, a new station just to do, this station is the title of QQ speed pet name, the station also Wai > read more

Examples of how to attract the spider to visit the new snapshot not update after

they all know that, if the new stop included snapshot, stop, probably entered the key period of observation of love Shanghai, if you continue in this way optimization, is likely to lead to snapshot or website by K, for the latter part of website optimization of influence. Although some owners believe that this is the love of the Shanghai observer, as long as unremittingly work will be normal, but if we don’t think about their own problems, it may lead to prolonged period even to Wikipedia leave a bad impression. For this reason, the dragon shaped through analysis and depth of the updated snapshot, in addition to another web site content and before the company has to repeat that lead to love Shanghai homogenization, and then reduce the page crawl, and the chain construction is an important reason for the low quality and no regular website. The domain query domain, the construction site outside the chain of irregular growth, and the content is too simple and concentrated in several sites in Shanghai this year, love strict attention to review the chain, the chain construction method is not conducive to optimizing selection. read more

Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization how to make quick site on the front page!

good ranking is the weight of relatively high site, if we want to be in the top three, the ranking should be how to operate? Good website, his pages ranking is also very good, so why the inside pages of their ranking so well? There is no analysis? This is because the ranking before the website weight is very high, Shanghai will use the same love page ranking to the inside pages of these sites with high weights, if want to go beyond these sites, you need a more detailed analysis of user needs, the frequency of data comparison of key words. read more

Analysis of the influence of robots.txt ban pages appear in search results.

in search results

is not here to talk about the "prohibited collected", but "no index", the above situation is included the ban, but the search engine is still on the web page index, when the user needs to return that reliable information. After has been added to the robots.txt as a rule, in order to completely remove these pages from search engine results in the list, we can through the following ways.

How to realize the

        < meta name=" ROBOTS" content="> read more

Summary of construction make sitelinks from five aspects.

four, random article link

for internal mutual chain between the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has done well, some related words appear in the article, as long as the relevant information in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love inside, they will display in the middle of the internal to the form of anchor text.


we can pop into three parts, respectively, and the bottom of the main head. According to the visitor’s browsing habits, the central part of the subject we are generally divided into left and right sides, left it on the right place, put some related links, such as the A5 station network, shown below. Then the writer will share the optimization of the site within the chain of the subject position. read more

Shenzhen design company website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

in the new construction of website promotion, can search relevant keywords in Shanghai, noble love baby, and then combined with the website content itself to find relevant keywords, but don’t look too hot, the timeliness of the keywords. If the search results are all some of the web page, directly give up, and if most of the content is the inside pages, this keyword can be used.

in the new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion, it is important to "optimize" two words. The web page layout and page optimization, internal links and optimization and meta optimization, web site operators need to optimize the way you can think of all that can be used. read more

Please search engine chain function

of course, in this process of ascension, we do a lot of work for the optimization, website content, increase the construction of the chain is a very important one. Links is a kind of stable exchange chain.

! Oh!

yesterday evening, saw a lot of people in the discussion in the forum, these 2 days, Google PR has been updated, use Adsense tools to check it, sure enough, the company’s website PR rose from 4 to 5. Though it is a small step, but for now, PR is the special period, it is a big step. We can still recall the original PR0, often links with other sites, to withstand the test of PR, now finally, survived read more

Teach you how to create a chain of automatic

manufacturing technique of chain, but many owners must have heard "automatic chain", but although it is automatic, it takes time and effort to do so, whether this "automatic chain" is how to do it, please see below detailed instructions.


we are interested in collecting some things or methods, and then through the processing, put your site well into account, through the manual of the promotion, then form an automatic transshipment model, as long as it is interesting and practical method, many people are very willing to reprint, to share. read more

The actual effect of the site within the chain from different angles

chain can improve the effective keywords ranking within the chain is ranked one of the best ways to consolidate already. In the role of the chain, in fact, the most basic point is also can improve the keywords ranking. But through the chain optimization to improve the keywords ranking, can make oneself more stability in competition with rivals, and because the same optimization approach, victory lies in the details of the deal, and the chain is often the most important part in the details, so the actual chain for the moment, with the chain the role is to be roughly the same. But let the search engine to pay attention to their own website, through the natural chain can be better to make content more relevant website, search engine has the natural point content of the site with proper care. So, the overall density and keywords in the chain can also improve the site keywords, and then to improve the keywords ranking help to. So one of the most fundamental role in the chain is the site can help promote the keywords ranking, or the webmaster also won’t pay more and more attention in the chain optimization. read more