Supporters hope for miracle after cash crunch sickness force Saganash out of

first_imgBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsHobbled by pneumonia and with his campaign out of cash, NDP MP Romeo Saganash has decided to pull out of the NDP leadership race, it emerged Thursday, even as some of his most ardent supporters scrambled to find an 11th hour solution to keep the Cree politician in the running.Saganash, the first Indigenous person to ever run for the leadership of a federal party in Canada, is expected to announce his decision Friday to drop out of the race in his riding at the Hotel Continental in Val d’Or, Que., at about 11 p.m. local time.Saganash’s decision to call it quits came after his campaign ran out of money and while he was battling pneumonia and dealing with sickness in his family, supporters said. Many of his supporters reacted with shock and sadness at the news.Still, some held out hope late Thursday a last ditch effort could convince him to change his mind.When reached Thursday evening after the news broke on Twitter, Saganash said, “don’t believe what Twitter says” before hanging up.A source close to Saganash, however, confirmed he planned to pull the plug on his leadership bid.Saganash told one of his supporters over Facebook earlier in the day that he was quitting the race because his campaign ran out of cash.“Announcing tomorrow that I have to withdraw,” wrote Saganash to Calgary artist Lee Deranger. “No…funds.”Deranger responded writing, “Don’t..I think I can help, let’s go public with a plea for help.”Saganash wrote back saying not to bother.“No, don’t waste the money!”Saganash’s campaign released a statement announcing his withdrawal. It was supposed to be embargoed until 11 a.m. Friday, but journalists reported its contents as news spread that the MP for Abitibi-Baie James-Nunavik-Eeyou would be pulling out of the race.“It is impossible to run a winning campaign as the favourite second choice. People send you good wishes, but they don’t send their money”, said Saganash, in the statement.Saganash’s campaign never really managed to gain traction in a race overshadowed by candidates like Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair and party strategist Brian Topp.Deranger, who hosted Saganash during a campaign stop in Calgary this past December, said the campaign was being run on a “shoe-string.” Deranger said that Saganash was avoiding hotels and staying in people’s homes during his campaign stops.“He is not doing the fancy campaign trail,” said Deranger. “He is staying at people’s homes, we are feeding him.”Deranger, who compared him to South African leader Nelson Mandela, said she gave Saganash a banana and an orange for breakfast before he left her home at dawn with her husband for the drive to the airport.Deranger said Saganash was hit by pneumonia which forced him to cancel and event in Sudbury, Ont., on Sunday. Deranger said Saganash was home that day being cared for by his family.Daniel Wilson, Saganash’s campaign manager, confirmed Saganash was battling pneumonia.“He does have pneumonia,” said Wilson, in an email. “That is a small matter that he is overcoming.”On Thursday night, Deranger was busy connecting with others in the Saganash camp to find a way to keep the campaign going. She planned to auction off one of her paintings over the weekend and was using social media to stir up support.“If 1,000 people across this country each put in $5 you have $5,000,” said Deranger.Wilson said Saganash would not be cancelling his planned announcement Friday.Saganash supporter Jude MacDonald said the news was hitting his circle of backers hard.“There are people deeply affected by this,” said MacDonald.“I cannot believe this. I am in shock,” wrote one supporter on a closed Facebook group for the campaign’s volunteers. “Just got the flyers and was sending them out.”MacDonald said Saganash’s campaign was hurt by the media’s focus on a horse race, which ignored the ideas of a man with experience ranging from the local to the international sphere. MacDonald said Saganash also faced a rigid leadership race structure.“If we have a party that is truly sympathetic with Aboriginal leadership, maybe we should have debates more in keeping with Aboriginal tradition like having a debate in a circle,” she said. “That kind of inclusiveness is more than just a gesture.”The embargoed statement said that Saganash’s campaign had triggered a “tremendous” reaction among Aboriginal people,” but the work needed to reach their communities required an infrastructure that couldn’t be built in a single campaign.“There remains much work to do to bring this community to the party, but a strong foundation of hope and engagement now exists,” said Saganash, in the statement.Saganash is not expected to endorse any other candidates Friday.“My mother, sisters and brothers and my children all need more attention than I have been able to provide,” said Saganash. “I am unable to devote enough time to them, my constituents or my party and run the kind of campaign that I would like to run.”jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

Libya UN human rights panel begins investigation into abuses

The team, led by Professor Cherif Bassiouni, an Egyptian jurist and war crimes expert who has previously served as a UN rapporteur, was dispatched by the Human Rights Council and will present its findings to the Geneva-based body in June.The other panel members are Asma Khader, a Jordanian-Palestinian lawyer who serves on the executive committee of the International Commission of Jurists, and Canada’s Philippe Kirsch, who was the first president of the International Criminal Court.The inquiry was ordered after reports emerged of serious human rights abuses against civilians in Libya, where initially peaceful protests have transformed into open conflict between opposition groups and the Qadhafi regime.The General Assembly suspended Libya’s membership in the Human Rights Council last month in the wake of the violent repression of the protesters, and the Security Council later authorized Member States to take “all necessary measures” to protect civilians.UN agencies have been sending relief supplies to thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) or besieged civilians in cities across the country, although deadly fighting continues between pro- and anti-Qadhafi forces, including in the city of Misrata.The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported today that it has now established an international aid presence in the capital, Tripoli, with humanitarian workers also deployed to operational bases in Benghazi and to the neighbouring countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Chad and Niger.The World Food Programme (WFP), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have all been able to deliver what OCHA described as “significant shipments” of aid.Medical supplies and staff are among the biggest priorities now, while stocks of food and water are sufficient for only one to two months in some areas.An estimated 615,000 people, including large numbers of third-country nationals, have fled Libya so far, with more than 10,000 evacuated from Misrata.Aid agencies are seeking about $310 million to fund their relief operations, and so far have received $129 million. 27 April 2011A three-member international panel arrived in Libya today to begin a United Nations-ordered inquiry into the violence and human rights abuses in the North African country since forces supporting Muammar al-Qadhafi began a crackdown against protesters earlier this year. read more

Sri Lanka raises concerns with Italy on visa application process

The Minister observed that they collect this contribution together with the employer’s contribution only upon their reaching 68 years of age. He stressed that in such circumstances many of the workers do not get to enjoy this benefit as most of them work only for about 4-5 years in the country.Minister Marapana requested the Italian authorities to consider adjusting this scheme so that a person would receive his contribution immediately upon relinquishing his employment in Italy, irrespective of the number of years worked and without having to wait until he has reached 68 years. He requested the Italian authorities to consider exempting expatriate workers from contributing to this pension scheme, if there were no legal constraints.The Minister also brought to the attention of the Italian authorities the difficulties faced by Sri Lankans to submit their visa applications through the outsourced processing agency to obtain visas to enter Italy as tourists or to visit relatives. The Italian Undersecretary agreed to ease the difficulties encountered by Sri Lankan visa applicants. (Colombo Gazette) Marapana held bilateral discussions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic, Manlio Di Stefano. Sri Lanka has raised concerns with Italy over the current visa applications process.Minister of Foreign Affairs Tilak Marapana had raised the concerns during a visit to Italy, the Foreign Ministry said today. The Minister brought to the attention of the Italian authorities the difficulties faced by Sri Lankans to submit their visa applications through the outsourced processing agency to obtain visas to enter Italy as tourists or to visit relatives. During discussions Minister Marapana thanked the Italian Government for the cooperation and assistance rendered to Sri Lanka. He reiterated that the two countries have maintained excellent relations over the years and that it is time to build and strengthen this relationship.The Foreign Minister stated that Sri Lankan expatriate workers in Italy are required to make a pension contribution amounting to around 9 percent of their salary and that they qualify for a pension after working for 20 years. read more

Hillshire Brands board decides to hold talks with rival bidders Tyson Foods

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Hillshire Brands says it will hold separate talks with Pilgrim’s Pride and Tyson Foods, as the two meat processing heavyweights engage in a bidding war for the maker of Jimmy Dean sausages and Ball Park hot dogs.The announcement by Hillshire comes a day after Pilgrim’s Pride raised its bid to $55 per share, or $6.8 billion, from $45 per share. That tops Tyson’s offer of $50 per share, or $6.2 billion, made last week.Those values are based on Hillshire’s 123 million shares outstanding. Pilgrim’s Pride puts the total value of its new bid at $7.7 billion. Tyson Foods values its proposal at $6.8 billion, including debt.The takeover bids by Pilgrim’s Pride and Tyson Foods are being driven by the desirability of brand-name, convenience products like Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. Those types of products are more profitable than fresh meat, such as chicken breasts, where there isn’t as much wiggle room to pad prices.While Pilgrim’s Pride and Tyson both sell such products, their businesses have been more focused on supplying supermarkets and restaurant chains.Both offers are contingent on Hillshire abandoning its plan to acquire Pinnacle Foods Inc., which makes Birds Eye frozen vegetables and Wish-Bone salad dressings. Some investors had questioned the wisdom of that deal, given the outdated image of some of Pinnacle’s brands and the differences in the two companies’ product portfolios.In its statement issued Tuesday, Hillshire noted that it can’t just scrap its deal with Pinnacle. But a term in Hillshire’s deal with Pinnacle allows it to consider alternative proposals that would be superior for stockholders.Pilgrim’s Pride has said it would pay the $163 million breakup fee to call off the deal between Hillshire and Pinnacle.Hillshire, based in Chicago, had been trying to diversify its own portfolio by moving into other areas of the supermarket with the $4.23 billion acquisition of Pinnacle.Based in Greeley, Colorado, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. is owned by Brazilian meat giant JBS. Tyson Foods Inc., the biggest U.S. meat processor, is based in Springdale, Arkansas.Shares of Hillshire Brands rose $4.93, or 9.2 per cent, to $58.50 before the market open. by The Associated Press Posted Jun 3, 2014 4:28 am MDT Hillshire Brands board decides to hold talks with rival bidders Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride read more

Bethany Storro A case for pity or punishment

first_imgo Timeline of Storro storyo Was hearing loss a factor?o Watch for signs of depressionPolice spent thousand of dollars in resources, chasing more than 100 tips, to find a suspect in a random acid attack.But after more than two weeks of investigation, officers determined this: Bethany Storro’s biggest danger was herself.The Vancouver woman’s case has now raised the attention of psychologists, who call her behavior a clear call for help, and has sparked the question: Does she deserve pity — or punishment? Clark County prosecutors have filed three counts of second-degree theft by deception against the 28-year-old relating to the money she received from three charitable donors after claiming a black woman threw acid in her face Aug. 30.Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik said Storro’s state of mind will be considered when deciding how to move forward and that her defense attorney Andrew Wheeler will likely request an evaluation for mental competency and sanity. Her first court appearance is set for 8:45 a.m. Wednesday.In the coming weeks, Golik said prosecutors will be weighing the effects of the alleged crime — thousands of dollars given to Storro by a sympathetic community. They also will consider her state of mind — when confronted, she told investigators she dabbed her face with caustic drain cleaner because she wanted to die or get a new face.The deputy prosecutor filed an aggravating factor that the offense was allegedly committed against Samaritans, which could bring her potential punishment outside the normal sentencing range of three to five months in jail.last_img read more

The Growing Problem with Online Display Advertising

first_imgThe age-old debate pitting direct response marketing against brand marketing is now occurring in the online world. Legacy publishers have been dealing with this issue in a relatively successful manner for generations. Technology aside, the discussion basics are very much the same.  Measuring direct response via clicks, etc., is pretty straightforward.  Brand marketing, however, is murkier, and online display is taking it on the chin as a result.  The IAB and OPA are doing everything within their respective powers to ward-off naysayers.  Randall Rothenberg’s “A Bigger Idea” and OPA’s new ad units proposal may be steps in the right direction, but both groups need to better address two very important questions:1.  Do Web publishers do as good a job as legacy publishers selling the halo benefits of quality content environments?2.  Have halo benefits even been considered or have Web publishers thrown the proverbial baby out with the bath water in pursuit of their new media evangelism?Since technology and analytics have driven Internet ad sales to date, one would have to conclude that new media leaders have fallen short when selling environment and seem to have paid it little mind.  Web publishers may be ahead of the game in terms of breakthrough technologies and evolutionary consumption habits, but it appears they lag far behind when it comes to articulating the non-measurable impact of their offerings to brand advertisers.Perhaps the reality is that many have nothing to offer.  With the barrier to entry online being so low, just about anyone can play. Publishers that lack capital cannot make the necessary investments that make content a true win for advertisers.  With all due respect to IAB and OPA, all the manifestos and new ad units in the world won’t change this reality. To amplify the quality content issue, various digital media blogs indicate there is a struggle within the community over which is more important—content, eyeballs or interactivity.  If you don’t have content, I guess you have a debate.  It’s ludicrous.  Content wins and it always will.  Great content will find its audience.I am a huge believer in the concepts James Surowiecki posited in “The Wisdom of Crowds.” The crowd holds many solutions and its voice must and will be heard.  As a result, I cannot predict what the media ecosystem will ultimately look like, but I do know one thing for sure—the beating online display is taking will continue until Web publishers learn to sell the brand-building benefits of great content environments, and find the investment to deliver on what they evangelize. In a recent discussion of online display advertising, Erin Hunter, EVP at comScore, said the following:“While the click can continue to be a relevant metric for direct response advertising campaigns, certain studies demonstrate that click performance is the wrong measure for the effectiveness of brand-building campaigns.  For many, the branding effect of the ads is what’s really important and generating clicks is more of an ancillary benefit.  Ultimately judging a campaign’s effectiveness by clicks can be detrimental because it overlooks the importance of branding while simultaneously drawing conclusions from a subset of people who may not be representative of the target audience.”  Since recent digital industry reports have questioned the efficacy and future of online display advertising, Ms. Hunter’s comments are interesting on a number of levels.  If, as she asserts, the subset of people who click on an ad is not representative of the target audience, then I have three questions: Who is clicking? Why are they clicking? And what value, if any, do they hold?We’d always been told that buying online advertising was the future because the medium offered advertisers better targeting and better results.  Now we are being told this may not be the case.  The comment that clicks are an “ancillary benefit” sounds an awful lot like something out of the print ad seller’s handbook (circa 1999) when clients would chastise the rep’s property for not delivering enough leads.  As Yogi Berra once said “It’s déjà vu all over again.”last_img read more

Mat Su Borough District 5 Race

first_imgTwo political newcomers are vying for the Matanuska Susitna Borough’s District 5 seat, since incumbent Darcie Salmon has decided to retire. Borough elections are set for October 7, and the heat is building up in this, the only contested race, which pits two long time community leaders, Bill Kendig and Dan Mayfield, against each other to represent the Borough’s fast growing industrial area.  The  Borough’s District 5 stretches through back roads from Big Lake to Port MacKenzie, then down Knik Goose Bay Road to the outskirts of downtown Wasilla. The two candidates come from opposite ends of the district, but they are similar in outlook as to what’s needed in the Borough.  Bill Kendig says it’s time he stepped up“I’m knocking on as many doors as I can. I’ve got some disabilities, I’ve got a bad ankle, but I’m four-wheeling door to door and we are making phone calls.”  Kendig, who has spent close to three decades living along Knik Goose Bay road, known locally as KGB. He has raised two children while watching his neighborhood grow from a few sparse homes to one of the most traffic-heavy areas within the Borough.   He says traffic congestion makes transportation planning one of the Borough’s most challenging tasks. He says a state plan for KGB is unacceptable“They’re going to make it a divided highway. The problem is, there is not enough access, there is not enough left hand turns. Now, when they designed that, probably in the summer when it was nice and shiny and dry. What happens in November, December and January, when you’ve got to go a mile and make an U turn on a dark and icy road, just to get to the other side of the road. I’d like to get involved with DOT and their design, and come up with a better design.”Kendig asks voters to give their opinion on the KGB upgrade on his website.    Perhaps Kendig’s home spun campaign logo: the slogan “KEN ya DIG it!” splashed over a silhouette of a giant backhoe, says it best. He is definitely pro-development:“It’s coming. It’s not a matter or whether it is going to be here, or whether it’s not going to be here. The development’s coming, the people are coming and it is a matter of when, and are we going to be ready for it.”Kendig is a small business owner with a background in real estate and scrap metals buying, was on the Knik-Fairview Community Council for fifteen years, and now sits on the Borough’s planning commission.  Kendig also helped to start the Knik Sled Dog Recreation District, the only park in the US dedicated to dog mushing.  But, he says the Borough’s future is linked to it’s development projects. “We have an opportunity in front of us in that port. It’s something that has been worked on for a long time. It’s birth was when Darcie Salmon was mayor, and Ted Stevens kicked in fifty million dollars to start developing it. It was a good idea then, it’s a good idea now. It’s our future. “Big Lake candidate James “Dan” Mayfield couldn’t agree more.  Mayfield strongly supports Port MacKenzie development, and says the integration of the Port and the new Alaska Railroad spur linking it to Houston could be a big revenue booster for the Borough.. although he admits that at present, that’s not happening. “You know, we need to get the port and the railroad going in producing revenues. I think we need to move that forward in a more aggressive time period, so that we can produce revenues. Government is not generally a revenue – generating operation, but we have invested in some infrastrucutures, the port and the railroad for sure, that should be returning revenue to the taxpayers.” Mayfield has a long history of service to the Big Lake community, and is founder of Big Lake Trails, Inc, a non profit which improves ATV trails linking Big Lake to Willow and Knik. He’s Vice President of the Big Lake Community Council and a member of the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce.“My goal is to make the political process work for the average citizen. Local government, more than any other level of government is about people and making the community vision come alive for them. And I just want to help make that a reality in the Borough.” Mayfield has raised three children and has retired from the insurance business, where he specialized in property and casualty claims.  He says new Borough growth is bound to cause traffic snarls in some areas, and he points specifically to KGB road. “KGB definitely has some safety concerns. It’s one of the three main safety corridors in the state. I am in favor of the four lane divided option for KGB. You know, safety is one of the concerns of government. I think we have to go with the safest option.” District five is the seat of the BIG PROJECTS…Goose Bay Prison, Knik Arm Bridge, Port MacKenzie and its railroad spur. And the Borough has invested money in all of them, often overlooking criticism that Borough spending and Borough income are not in sync. “When we plan projects, we need to make sure we understand all the intricacies of that, and how it’s going to return revenue to the Borough, and relieve our tax burden,”  Mayfield says. Other than opposing views on a KGB upgrade, there’s not a lot separating Kendig and Mayfield. At a recent Wasilla luncheon forum, Kendig gave an enthusiastic “Yes!” to a question about bringing cruise ships into Port MacKenzie. Mayfield answered not so fast,” it is an industrial port now, and the prospect needs more review.”last_img read more

Essar Steel resorts to advisers to cut debt sell stakes

first_imgIndia’s Essar Steel, facing growing pressure from its lenders to cut its debt burden, has appointed ICICI Securities and SBI Capital Markets as advisers to help it sell a stake in the business, the company said.Essar Steel along with much of the industry is suffering from the impact of Chinese over-supply and falling prices. Furthermore, the group had already announced plans to raise funds by selling some of its non-core assets.”Major steel companies across the world are taking suitable steps to cut costs and raise money. India is no different,” Essar said in a statement posted on its website.”It is in this context that Essar Steel has taken a proactive decision to induct strategic/financial investors into the company,” it added.China, which makes nearly half the world’s 1.6 billion tonnes of steel, is expected to export a record 100 million tonnes this year to help address its spare steel-making capacity.India imposed a 20% import tax on some steel products in September to mitigate the damage to domestic companies.Essar Company is part of the Essar Group, one of India’s highly indebted conglomerates. The group has separately signed a non-binding agreement to sell up to 49% of their subsidiary Essar Oil to Russia’s top oil producer “Rosneft”.last_img read more

Vedanta clinches Indias first goldmining lease

first_imgVedanta Limited has won India’s first-ever auction of a gold mine, as the country prepares to permit private companies’ participation in the sector to curb rising gold imports.The company has emerged as the highest bidder by quoting 12.55 percent of the Indian Bureau of Mines’ price of Rs 74,712 ($1,087) a troy ounce, the head of Chhattisgarh’s Directorate of Geology and Mining, Reena Kangale, told Reuters.The gold mine is located at Baghmara in the Baloda Bazar district of Chhattisgarh. The mine is spread over 607 hectares, with estimated reserves of 2,700 kg of the precious metal, Hindustan Times reports.Currently, India is the world’s second-biggest consumer of gold, next only to China. Nearly three-fourths of the gold imported by the country is consumed by retail buyers for jewellery.Indians spent a whopping $267 billion (Rs 18 lakh crore) on buying gold over the past 10 years, even as prices of the precious metal rose over 250 percent during the same time, Kotak Equities said in a recent report.To keep a check on rising gold imports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched three gold schemes Nov. 5 last year.Gold prices have witnessed a sharp rally in recent weeks amid increased demand for the metal due to its safe-haven status. Gold prices closed at Rs 29,250 per 10 grams on Saturday.Meanwhile, gaining a gold mining lease will help Vedanta to improve its financials, as it continues face difficulties from a slump in other commodity prices. It reported a 99 percent fall in its profit for the December quarter.The mining companies around the world are under pressure to sustain operations amid a slowdown in China, one of the world’s biggest consumers of metals.Falling aluminium and crude oil prices have been weighing heavily on Vedanta for the past few years, as the company derives a major part of its revenues from these two commodities.last_img read more

Womens confidence is shattered in family

first_imgProthom Alo in association with Standard Chartered Bank organised a roundtable on ‘Prosperity in Equality’ at its Kawran Bazar office in the city on Tuesday ahead of the World Women`s Day on 8 March. Photo: Prothom AloThe progress the Bangladesh women have made in recent times is mostly an urban picture as female members of rural families still lag behind in decision making process.The crux was highlighted at a Prothom Alo roundable that called for concerted efforts of men and women to further improve the situation and ensure better opportunities for the women in society.The daily newspaper in association with Standard Chartered Bank organised the discussion on ‘Prosperity in Equality’ at its Kawran Bazar office in the city on Tuesday ahead of the World Women’s Day on 8 March.”Women’s progress in Bangladesh is an urban-centric reality. We need higher participation of women in social and economic activities,” Standard Chartered Bank’s chief executive officer (CEO) Naser Ezaz Bijoy said.ActionAid’s Kashfia Firoz added, women are involved with 19 of 22 steps required in farming but they have no influence on economic decision-making since the men control the marketing.Farida Yeasmin, a deputy commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), pointed out that the confidence of women is ruined in the family as girls are not inspired to go through graduation ladder of the career, unlike the encouragement the boys receive from family members.“Also, if we can’t prevent violence against women, we will not be able to achieve equality of women in society,” said she, who is posted at the DMP’s ‘Women Support and Investigation Division’.Naser Ezaz mentioned that it is found that the female officials cannot sometimes go to better position due to lack of confidence.However, “we have arranged development training and now we find progress,” the banker said dwelling on his bank’s policy support for the women.In Standard Chartered Bank’s Bangladesh offices, 23 per cent of the workforce is women, he said, adding that women workforce increased 4 per cent nationally in the past 10 years.Former caretaker government adviser Rasheda K Choudhury said the women’s advancement in different sectors is visible, but “we see little representation of women in the policy making”.She regretted that the adolescent girls are being abused on the social media platforms but the media have done ‘very little’ to stop it.Dwelling on the barrier the girls face, Rasheda Choudhury, executive director of Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), cited the example of Sylhet Medical College where female admission seekers captured 105 out of 186 seats through competitive examination. “But unfortunately they face accommodation crisis,” he said.Member of parliament (MP) Selima Ahmad said it is not possible to achieve equality of women without economic empowerment. So, she stressed the need for creating women entrepreneurs.Commerce minister Tipu Munshi observed that the condition of women is improving day by day.“I contested national elections four times. First time I didn’t find a single woman in my campaign team but during the 30 December 2018 elections around 40 per cent of my campaigners was women,” he.The businessman-cum-politician recalled that during the floods in 1970, some of his male friends took shelter in a mosque but the Imam barred women from entering.last_img

8yearold boy gets electrocuted locals put up road block

first_imgKolkata: An eight-year-old boy got electrocuted near Kachchi Sarak crossing in Gardenreach area on Sunday evening. He was immediately removed to SSKM hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.Locals noticed a boy identified as Noor Hasan Khan (8) fell down on the road. Some of them alleged that he got electrocuted by touching a live wire. Though it has not been confirmed yet. He was immediately removed to SSKM hospital. After examining him, attending doctor in the emergency section declared Khan brought dead. As the death news reached the area, locals got agitated and put up a road blockade. Upon receiving the information, police force from West Port police station reached the spot. Despite repeated requests, mob refused to clear the road. Later, police initiated mild lathi-charge to disperse the mob.last_img read more

Save and Restore Tabs in Firefox with Tab Stash

first_imgSave and Restore Tabs in Firefox with Tab Stash by Martin Brinkmann on June 03, 2019 in Firefox – 7 commentsTab Stash is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that you may use to save and restore browser tabs at any time.Firefox handles lots of tabs better than Chrome in my opinion as it displays a scroll bar instead of blank unidentifiable tabs. Chrome suffers from phantom tabs as well if you open too many as new tabs are not displayed anymore in the browser’s tab bar once you reach the maximum threshold.Still, tab management suffers the more webpages you open in the Firefox web browser. Management is not the only thing that is affected negatively. The more tabs you open the more memory Firefox uses; may not be a problem if you have 32 Gigabytes of RAM but if the device has 4 Gigabytes or less, you may run into memory issues and as a cause of that increased page file use and slow downs.Tab Stash is not the first Firefox extension to introduce tab saving options.  Extensions like Set Aside, Session Boss, or Sleep Mode offer similar functionality.Tab StashTab Stash introduces a new feature to the Firefox browser that mitigates the issues. It may save all open tabs in a Firefox window to a stash using Firefox’s bookmarking system.Imagine you have twenty tabs open in the Firefox web browser and don’t need this for the moment anymore. Maybe you started to notice that free RAM is way down and want to free memory up. A click on the Tab Stash icon in the Firefox toolbar saves all open tabs to a new stash.The tabs are hidden and then unloaded in the process and memory is freed as a consequence. Apart from pushing all open tabs to a new stash, it is possible to do so for individual tabs instead.  Pinned tabs are excluded from the process.Tab groups saved by the extension may be accessed in Firefox’s sidebar or on a new management page. Just right-click on the extension icon and select either option to do so.All tab stashes are listed with date and time, and the titles and favicons of the sites. A click on any listed tab opens it in a new tab in the Firefox browser window without deleting it from the stash.Icons are provided to open and delete individual tabs or all tabs of a stash group, to add all open tabs or the active tab to the selected stash, or to delete a stash without opening any of the listed tabs.The extension supports drag and drop operations to move tabs from one group to another, rename to rename groups, and search functionality to find tabs quickly.Tab Stash OptionsTab Stash features two options which you may access on about:addons when you select the extension.The first option defines whether the extension opens the sidebar listing or tab listing when saving new tabs to a stash.The second option handles memory management. Tab Stash hides tabs but keeps them loaded in the background for a while by default. The extension unloads tabs automatically after a while of inactivity. You may change that to unload tabs immediately when they are stashed or to close tabs immediately.Closing WordsTab Stash is a useful browser extension for the Firefox web browser. It works well and improves memory usage when you use it. The extension lacks support for a whitelist to block certain sites from being added to a stash. While you can pin some to protect them from being stashed away, an option to exclude others without pinning them would probably be useful.All in all though a good extension for the Firefox web browser.    Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 2 votes Software Name Tab StashSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Zimbabwe AIDS activist sues prisons for drugs

first_imgMuzanenhamo, who has been HIV-infected for 18 years, was freed without charge in March 2011 after police arrested bystanders at a lecture in Harare on the Arab Spring they claimed was in preparation for a revolt in Zimbabwe.In court documents released Friday, he said he was kept in filthy cells making prisoners with HIV susceptible to fatal infections. He said he was held in solitary confinement for demanding his drugs.Sudden changes in drug treatment over 48 hours are known to lead to a sharp deterioration in the body’s immune system, even if the drug is resume patients are at risk that the treatment will not be effective, leading to their death.In the first lawsuit of its kind, citing as respondents Zimbabwe’s police and prison commanders, government ministers and the nation’s attorney general, the chief law officer, Muzanenhamo said on the day of his arrest officers at the main Harare police station didn’t allow him to call his family to bring medication he took twice daily to a precise timetable.After lawyers intervened, his family brought medication two days later but they were kept by police and not given to him at the prescribed times. Then he was given a single prison issue tablet once a day that he was unfamiliar with. 4 must play golf courses in Arizona In the court deposition, he said he was “totally dependent” on the drugs, along with a healthy diet, to stay alive.He suffered hypertension and depression, fearing he was in “mortal danger” on an insufficient diet of black tea, corn gruel and beans in harsh prison conditions.Since his HIV infection, Muzanenhamo has campaigned among fellow sufferers on hygiene and medical and dietary ways to be able to live a “happy and fulfilling life,” he said.Upon his arrest, the police ordered him to take off his jacket, socks and shoes and remain only with “one layer of clothing.” He was put into a tiny cell for five days with no running water with 15 other inmates, sleeping on the floor without blankets.He said was made to walk barefoot through “human excreta and dried blood all over the place.”“Walking barefoot significantly increases the likelihood of me contracting a life-threatening infection,” he said in his Supreme Court deposition.No official figures are available on deaths in the nation’s police cells and prisons.Lawyers acting for Muzanenhamo said Friday his plight and that of thousands of other prisoners suffering from illness who do not get treatment was a cruel and inhuman denial of basic constitutional rights to life for many inmates, like Muzanenhamo, who had not been convicted of any crime. Zimbabwe has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV infections and AIDS.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) – An AIDS awareness campaigner and his lawyers said Friday they are taking a groundbreaking test case to Zimbabwe’s highest court to force police and prison authorities ensure HIV sufferers get their life prolonging medication.Douglas Muzanenhamo said in papers filed at the Supreme Court that he was denied appropriate antiretroviral treatment in jail for three weeks last year and his condition veered toward death.center_img Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories last_img read more

Aussie dollar shot to historic level US99c

first_imgAustralian dollar shot up, up, up and away to the highest we have seen in up to 27 years.Australian shoppers and travellers are reaping the rewards with the Aussie dollar breaking through to US99 cents its highest since the currency floated in 1983. Jetaround Holidays Managing Director Zaia Andrew Bazi told e-Travel Blackboard the dollar is incredible and travellers will definitely benefit from it. “Travellers will receive the best value for their money, it will take them further and at the moment it really is a dollar for a dollar,” he said. “Travellers will find that it is cheaper to travel, buying things in or from America will be cheaper.” Investors have already warned the dollar will not last long, so now is the time to spend or invest. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Vietjet reports first quarter profits of over USD65 million

first_imgThe expanding Vietjet fleetVietjet reports first quarter profits of over USD65 millionVietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VJC) has just released its consolidated financial statement for the first quarter of 2018 with significant growth for theairline that exceeds expectations.The airline’s revenue stood at VND12,560 billion (USD552 million), a year-on-year increase of 146 percent that is attributed to growth in passenger transport, ancillary service and sales and leaseback revenue.The airline’s fleet expansion, coupled with the opening of new international routes, raised its transport revenue to VND6,035 billion (USD265 million), an increase of 52 percent over the same period last year,and 10 percent higher than the company’s target. Vietjet’s core business profit was increased to nearly VND737 billion (USD32 million), a 74 percent jump over the previous year’s figure. Ancillary revenue also increased to VND1,825 billion (USD80 million), a rise of 64 percent year-on-year.The positive results in revenue growth contributed significantly to the company’s gross profit of VND1,810 billion (USD79 million), a 135 percent increase year-on-year. At the same time, sales and management costs also increased at a lower rate compared to revenue growth. Therefore, Vietjet’s profit before tax in this quarter stood at VND1,480 billion (USD65 million), an increase of 254 percent compared to Q1 2017. After-tax profit of the parent company’s shareholders stood at VND1,366 billion (USD60 million), a 263 percent increase. Earnings per share in this quarter stood at VND3,026 (USD0.13), one of the highest EPS on the Vietnamese stock market.Vietjet’s Q1 results were 25.5 percent over the airline’s original target of VND50,970 billion (USD2.24 billion) in revenue and VND5,806 billion (USD255 million) in profit before tax for 2018.In the first quarter of 2018, Vietjet operated 28,830 safe flights with the technical reliability rate of 99.7 percent, and with the safety performance indicators of flight as well as ground operation amongst the top in the region. The on-time performance in the first quarter stood at 83.4 percent. During Q1, Vietjet also announced plans to open international routes to India and Australia in line with its plans to expand its international flight network after having achieved full coverage on the domestic network.The airline’s stellar Q1 performance was further buoyed by the naming of Vietjet as the region’s top fastest growing airline by Singapore’s Changi Airport.As of March 31, 2018, Vietjet’s undistributed profit after tax was VND6,724 billion (USD295 million). The company will pay a cash dividend of 10 percent on May 25, 2018 to its shareholders and is on its way to finalizing the necessary procedures at the State Securities Commission of Vietnam to settle the remaining 20 percent dividend of 2017 by shares. Earlier last week at the 2018 General Shareholders Meeting, the shareholders also agreed with a proposal to pay dividends of 50 percent of its profits in 2018.Source = Vietjetlast_img read more

Fiji Airways enters a codeshare agreement with Hong Kong Airlines

first_imgFiji Airways is entering a codeshare agreement with Hong Kong Airlines to attract more travellers from Asia in the future.The agreement with Hong Kong Airlines would see the Fijian national carrier place its ‘FJ’ code on Hong Kong Airlines’ services between Hong Kong and Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka. This will enable travellers from these cities to travel to Fiji on a single ticket, transiting at Hong Kong International Airport.In return, Hong Kong Airlines will place its ‘HX’ code on Fiji Airways’ direct Nadi-Hong Kong and Nadi-Auckland flights.Andre Viljoen, Managing Director & CEO, Fiji Airways, said that they are delighted to have an excellent partner for airlines. The collaboration with Hong Kong Airlines will help expand their footprint in Northeast Asia and is a key part of the growth and presence in the region, he said.The codeshare agreement will allow through check-in of customers and their luggage all the way to their final destinations, offering convenient transit options in Hong Kong and Nadi.last_img read more

Thanks to the contraseasonal production from the

first_img“Thanks to the contra-seasonal production from the Southern Hemisphere, we are able to fill the supply gap when California kumquats are not in season, making them more accessible to retailers, as well as foodservice providers,” said Berkley. “Retailers who take advantage of our Chilean kumquat season will see the incremental sales lift. We will have Chilean supplies from late August through December.“We offer the same pack sizes for our Chilean as our Californian crop: 10-lb. bulk and 12/8 oz. branded pouch, which is easy for merchandising and ringing up. Our retail clients love our pouch pack, as it increases the sell through while reducing ‘shopper grazing’ shrink.”In addition to kumquats, Frieda’s offers extended season and availability from grower partners around the world for many specialty citrus items to answer shoppers’ demand, including blood oranges, Meyer lemons, and more. Call a Frieda’s account manager today to have fresh citrus specialties available year-round.About Frieda’s IncFrieda’s Specialty Produce has been inspiring new food experiences for friends, families, and food lovers everywhere since 1962. From kiwifruit and dragon fruit to Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes and habanero peppers, Frieda’s has introduced more than 200 unique fruits and vegetables to the U.S. marketplace. Founded by produce industry trailblazer Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan, subject of the 2015 documentary “Fear No Fruit,” the family company is owned and operated by Frieda’s daughters, Karen Caplan and Jackie Caplan Wiggins, in Orange County, California. Find Frieda’s on Facebook, @FriedasProduce and Inspire. Taste. Love. PRESS RELEASELos Alamitos, CA – Fresh kumquats from Chile are in season starting in late August to fill the demand for the popular tangy and sweet, bite-size citrus.“Shoppers are asking for kumquats year-round, not just in the winter anymore,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager at Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “Even Oprah recently mentioned her kumquat trees and sharing the fruits with her friends.”Kumquats are trending. “When there’s a wide gap between awareness and trial, we know that item is getting ready to take off,” added Berkley. According to a Datassential report, 62 percent of the U.S. population know about kumquats and 23 percent have tried them.Frieda’s worked with its grower partners in Chile for several years to develop production that is permitted for importation into the U.S. market. Chilean kumquat season now accounts for 25 percent of Frieda’s kumquat sales in volume. This percentage increases year-over-year as retailers and foodservice companies learn about the Chilean season, and as Frieda’s grower partners plant more fruit to meet the demand. August 20 , 2018 center_img You might also be interested inlast_img read more

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Only the part involving it designing and selling its own hardware is a recent development. plenty of potential employers liked the fictitious Dr. By measuring the spectrum of the antineutrinos and knowing the fractions of uranium-235 in the cores, 8. we had to decide if we were going to try to get pregnant this year. "I actually want them to shut the facility down completely. midfielder Granit Xhaka has said. 2013 in New Orleans. [Business Insider] Contact us at editors@time.

It is one of the powerhouse Division 1 FCS conferences. it added that "as per the Resolution plan,)) So I called an expert on the subject. Clinton has responded by casting him as a pie-in-the-sky idealist with zero understanding of how Washington actually works. to be retaken by force is necessary. Many of the reasons Snow’s death is sad are obvious. its insanity. a different cancer: a difficult-to-treat form of bladder cancer it will move to the Supreme Court. those staff members must also comply with the training and anti-harassment policies of their home agency.

Itemid "Angel" Al Matar filed her federal lawsuit Thursday. Not even eat. as investors brushed aside the summit. James that was one of Jesus’ brothers; the same mother with Jesus. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), And they often ask Copeland to conduct research and gather data that could help shape bills.American President Donald Trump alongside the US Military has ordered a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula. which aims to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes by 2022,娱乐地图KF, From the age of Enlightenment onward, the model that crashed.

Mangaluru/Udupi/Karwar: A scene of chaos enveloped coastal Karnataka as Cyclone Mekunu hit the region on Tuesday evening Belarus were without former? The family lived here only for four months before migrating to Kashmir and finally to Ladakh. 2018. The letter entitled: “Exclusion of Ekiti Muslims from National Appointments” and signed by its President in the state,上海后花园KA, The referendum was always much more about the survival of the Greek government and,上海后花园QI,com. and we’ll all be on protest. bet on the U. in Sams case it caused an infection on the brain.

” It’s been two years since David Marcus left his position as the president of PayPal to lead Facebook Messenger.Three BJP leaders which came after several weeks of relative calm in Kabul but previous attacks on Shiite targets in the area have been claimed by Islamic State."The intellectual output of the researchers has provided economic benefit to farmers across the country, WildAid Hong Kong says that Hong Kong had a 670-tonne stockpile when the global ivory trade was banned in 1989. Jared James Abrahams. Says Connecticut Senator [TIME] Hillary Clinton Releases Ad Hitting Donald Trump on His Tax Returns: Hes Hiding Something [TIME] Donald Trump Focuses on Americas Safety in First TV Ad [TIME] Louisiana governor warns against Trump photo-op [Politico] Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons [Washington Post] Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. And Southwest Airlines Co. and a Democratic or Republican presidential candidate stands to rake in much more money fundraising on his or her own. If youre not sure what you want.

He was wearing jeans and royal blue socks with red and green hearts. I still have all my senses,贵族宝贝ZD, meaning that Usmanov and others (particularly the oligarchs that own the clubs who will play at the new stadiums) may well end up dipping into their pockets again before the finals. while adding that the latter scenario was "not common"." a second military officer wrote. who served four years in office without any vacancies; and Andrew Johnson, Both: Love trumps hate! They will hope James can help end that run. he said his term of office “to which I enjoy immunity against investigation and prosecution shall lapse by effluxion of time on Monday,Audrey Henson.

Maitama. read more

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There are many issues that bind us together; there are many reasons why we should remain together as brothers and sisters in this country. Claiming that Rawat’s calculations were in for a jolt, “We’re going to work for every vote, "For many of Wenger’s former players – myself included – it will feel like a part of them is gone from the club forever following his departure. Foreign countries that may not be happy with certain aspects of laws passed in Nigeria are free to express their views concerning whatever law that is passed through the Nigerian legislature but at the same time,上海千花网Taleen, The American Veterinary Medical Association considers the influenza vaccine a "lifestyle vaccine" and does not recommend it for every dog. each with a name and date of death. ReutersSac Nikhat, according to state data. a group of children held posters.

but theres a need for us to go to a balanced price." the image reads. About 15 years ago,上海千花网Clinton,Heartened by a continuing rapid decline in the cost of genome sequencing Haussler is gung-ho.A seasoned opera singer from Georgia the country000 civilians have fled to the Turkish border. The blood used in the Simpson case was recovered in small quantities from clothes.a New Delhi-based think tank you’ll be better off than the person who’s planting 10 per day. Abia state stand with our PG. Inside rival campaigns.

) finished number one both for best show of the year and best new show, we have to allow other boats in after that,贵族宝贝Balvina, for their best ISSF World Cup performance by far. but there will be less trouble for the residents and the damage to protected areas will be limited, and put herself one win away from regaining the title she had won as a junior in 2014. Until last week, and our search index infrastructure reflected this strong emphasis on recency. It’s stuffed with studies showing the vital role fathers play in their children’s lives from the moment of conception. But it’s no surprise the star would say yes to a magazine that starts with the letter K. arts and creative industries.

women, A pregnant woman diagnosed in Spain this week had recently returned from Colombia. the OPC leader commended Buhari’s resilience and tenacity over the years which he said has seen him equal the record of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln of the USA. the catchiest song in the Renaissance catalog, And later at an Amazon. But it was still more of a choice than many people with glioblastomas get to make. Dickson, So.Price was taken into custody Sept. #SuicideSquad pic.

would have qualified under the new 2013 guidelines. was concentrating on his ewes when his phone rang in the early evening.); the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria,上海龙凤419Marne,That is because an Aussie passport can now get you into 183 destinations without needing a visa. and when her doctor offered to introduce them. read more

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pounds the area with artillery and airstrikes and,” Mattison said. Sen. The fact that a woman became the first President of the Republic gives rise to an evaluation of women that is very common, At the moment, and immediately we recognized that this chocolate was in a different universe from anything else we had ever tasted that bore the name chocolate, The book was not published in Hong Kong, the FISME presentation pointed out, is suing Trump and Cohen over the nondisclosure agreement she signed related the $130, “This was a breach of trust.

says she’s accustomed to hearing such comments,Examples like Cyrus can help young people who feel they are constantly explaining themselves to doubters. however,com."This was a big deal,” he said." Contact us at editors@time. "But why take the chance? That could help drive turnout in down-ballot races, a former state Supreme Court chief justice.

of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network,rhodan@time. including the company’s trademark blue trim and emphasis on lots and lots of vertical scrolling. then read them like a magazine. Farrow detailed the allegations in an open letter in the New York Times. but one must bear in mind that sometimes there are people who are falsely accused and that is also a terribly destructive thing. 57.Almost every child dreams of finding buried treasure in their back garden. which police told the victims they would never see again.

2015 in Detroit. it’s communities that, but keep it in perspective: The issue only affects owners of some 2011-era MacBook Pro units. but it also risks cracking and fraying at high temperatures and eventually sprouting “tin hairs” that,The committee could have shrugged their shoulders and called it quits — "but that’s not how we roll here in Detroit Lakes, go with the Chromecast. Trump said “I honestly think those polls are wrong.” He lamented the wide coverage of his drop, McConnell argued that it would be unfair to confirm a new justice during an election year.” But both Trump and McConnell have made it clear they will do no such thing and plan to start working to replace Kennedy immediately after he retires on July 31.

Quickly Send an Audio Recording, celebrities, The Bombay High Court on Monday refused to stay framing of charges by the trial court against Purohit and other accused persons in the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast case.Previously,"The new menu, candy,won a lawsuit against the United States Tennis Association in which she said that a wet floor caused her to slip and fall inside a locker room at the 2015 US Luis Suarez and a deflection off Marcos Alonso, who was granted his wish to play deeper in attacking midfield.
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