New Musical The Bloody Irish Set for Broadway Bow

first_img View Comments After a well-received broadcast on PBS this past October, new musical The Bloody Irish will land on the Great White Way. Directed by Michael Barker-Caven and penned by Barry Devlin, the drama is set to play a limited engagement at the Neil Simon Theatre this April, before heading on a national tour, the Sunday Times reports.Told from the British point of view, The Bloody Irish follows the 1916 “Easter Rising,” when Irish republicans mounted an armed insurrection to end British rule in Ireland while the U.K. was busy battling World War I. General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell—the man who signed the death warrants of the 1916 leaders—narrates the retelling of the events of Easter Week. Starting out with a belief that the rising is a foul act of treachery, Maxwell has a change of heart, asking in the end whether he has made a grievous mistake in sending Pearse, Connolly and the rest to their death.The production features music by David Downes, with re-arrangements of well-known songs from the era such as “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.” The cast will reprise their roles on Broadway, led by Lorcan Cranitch as James Connolly and Gavin O’Connor as Patrick Pearse.last_img read more

Colombian Armed Forces Fight Illegal Gold Mining

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo August 28, 2018 The Colombian Armed Forces dealt two blows to illegal gold mining along Colombia’s South Pacific coast in June and July 2018. Authorities hindered operations of the Clan del Golfo in the Valle del Cauca department, and of the National Liberation Army in the Cauca department. “Illegal mining not only affects the regional economy, but also the environment, [like] riverbeds, and pollutes resources,” Colombian Navy Vice Admiral Orlando Romero Reyes, commander of the Pacific Naval Force, told Diálogo. “Areas of Valle del Cauca are rich in minerals.” On both occasions, the Navy, Army, andAir Force (FAC), the National Police, and the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, took part in the joint interagency operations. Among other actions, authorities destroyed equipment used to extract gold illegally. La Brea Gorge On June 24th, Colombian authorities seized and destroyed 10 dredges, 10 engines, and 10 motor pumps found in La Brea Gorge, department of Valle del Cauca in southeastern Colombia. The equipment, thought to belong to Clan del Golfo and used for illegal gold mining, was valued at more than $243,000, according to the Navy. “In La Brea, illegal groups pressure rural communities to be able to use the equipment in the area, as criminals single out locations where there is artisan mining,” Vice Adm. Romero said. “Often, the only job source is working with these dredges, and sometimes the community does not report incidents.” Miners use toxic substances such as cyanide, mercury, and sulfuric acid to separate gold from other metals. Irresponsible chemical handling in illegal mining causes water and subsoil pollution, affecting plants, animals, and crops. “The paradox in these areas so rich in natural resources, such as gold, are the harmful effects brought on by criminal gangs,” said Vice Adm. Romero. “Rivers are contaminated, courses altered, and poverty increases. People are also threatened if they don’t obey criminals’ instructions.” The devastating effects of illegal mining stress the importance to keep up the fight against criminal organizations. “We combat the way these communities subsist, because they do it illegally. This is our duty, not only for us, but also for the environment, and for our children and grandchildren,” said Colombian Navy First Sergeant Alejandro Restrepo, commander of the Second Marine Corps Brigade’s Intelligence Department. López de Micay On July 22nd, an interagency unit found and destroyed seven backhoes and 11 diesel engines in López de Micay River, in the northeastern Cauca department. Criminals used the equipment to extract minerals, a $104,000 monthly profit, according to the Navy. The $1.3 million-equipment belonged to the National Liberation Army (ELN, in Spanish) armed group. The Colombian Army, Navy, and FAC exchanged and analyzed intelligence since 2017 to successfully conduct the operation. According to the Navy, the information helped determine that an air assault in four target points, where machines were located, was necessary. “Workers fought back during the López de Micay operation and attacked troops with the machines,” 1st Sgt. Restrepo told Diálogo. “We destroyed the machines, because it’s an illegal activity.” Two hundred members from assault units of the Colombian Marine Corps and Army carried out the joint interagency operation. FAC aircraft also participated, as well as elements from the Judiciary Police and the Office of the Attorney General, according to the Colombian Navy. The gold mining benefited the ELN’s José María Becerra Front, which extorted miners. “Many structures turned to funding through illegal mining,” 1st. Sgt. Restrepo said. “Illegal mining is more profitable than narcotrafficking; a kilogram of gold is worth more than $35,000, while 1 kg of cocaine is worth $25,000,” Vice Adm. Romero added. “Each machine produces about 1 kg of gold per month.”last_img read more


first_img Medical malpractice Viewpoint Rep. J. Dudley Goodlette Special to the NewsIt’s been labeled a “crisis,” and, hyperbole aside, one of the most important public policy issues the 2003 session of the Florida Legislature will confront will be the rapidly growing problem of medical malpractice insurance costs and the effect on access to health care by Floridians.Many of the state’s physicians — obstetricians, emergency room docs, and specialty surgeons in particular — are being forced to choose either early retirement or simply shutting down their practices, allegedly because of sudden and wildly inflated malpractice insurance premiums.There are nearly as many reasons cited for the premium hike as there are doctors and patients affected by it, or so it seems. But it has become a significant problem in Florida, and the legislature will be called upon to try to fix it.Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, R-Plant City, has asked me to chair the newly created Select Committee on Medical Liability Insurance and craft, with the help of my colleagues, solutions to the problem. It is, at this writing, the only committee to be formed and impaneled, which gives you an idea of the importance of the issue to the legislative leadership.Let me also assure you, my fellow Bar members, that our committee is not going to be looking solely to the legal profession for answers to this dilemma. We’re going to be looking into every sector of business that has affected or been affected by the insurance premium hike. We’re going to be asking hard questions of doctors, hospitals, and the insurance industry.Among the House members appointed to serve with me on this select committee are five attorneys, two members with medical backgrounds, and one member who also works in the insurance industry.We’re going to be seeking a more permanent solution to what has become a cyclical, vexing problem over the past few decades. As you may recall, the legislature adopted a limit on some damage awards in 2000, only to have that measure struck down by the courts. Florida currently has caps on economic awards in malpractice suits and caps on settlements agreed upon through arbitration. But caps on lawsuit awards may not be the complete and permanent answer to the complex issues involved, and we will need to be creative and open-minded as we search for effective and acceptable solutions.I look forward to your input on this important issue — as I do on many issues — and hope I’ll be hearing from you in the months to come.center_img February 1, 2003 Regular Newslast_img read more

Updated ERM framework integrates risk with strategy and performance

first_img 44SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Scott Hood Scott is a leader in helping businesses make important changes in operations, processes, products, systems and governance. He has used his extensive project management, finance and systems expertise in helping … Web: Details COSO recently released an update to the 2004 Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework, which has served as a valuable resource for many organizations in implementing and running their enterprise risk management (ERM) programs. The original Integrated Framework introduced many of the key concepts that credit unions and other organizations of all types use as a model in designing their ERM programs. It described the ERM process as a tool in identifying the key risks that might jeopardize their abilities to achieve financial and other objectives. It described eight key steps in administering the ERM process to help improve performance by understanding risk exposures, assessing the exposures, identifying the key responses that mitigate risks, and providing the information to the people in the organization that can use it to improve performance:Internal environmentObjective settingEvent identificationRisk assessmentRisk responseControl activitiesInformation and communicationMonitoringCOSO’s update reinforces these concepts and provides additional guidance. Notably, it expands on governance, strategy setting, and the consideration of risk appetite. Generally, the update places much greater emphasis on setting risk appetite, and linking risk appetite and risk management to organizational performance through the setting of strategy, in order to provide value to the organization. It relates mission, vision and core values, to evaluating and setting strategies, and shows the link to enhanced performance. It helps describe the roles of the board, senior management, risk management and other groups in the ERM process. The update presents five interrelated components to essentially replace the eight original COSO steps:Governance and cultureStrategy and objective-settingPerformance (i.e., risk identification, assessment, and responses)Review and revisionInformation, communication, and reportingThe update then defines 20 principles organized under the five components and provides a great deal of information on those components. The update also introduces the concept of using risk profiles, encompassing performance, risk, risk capacity, risk appetite and risk tolerances, to assist the organization in setting strategies that are consistent with risk appetite and its goals. Finally, the Update re-emphasizes the benefits of successful ERM activities. The COSO presentation that summarizes the Update reminds us that “integrating ERM with business practices results in better information that supports improved decision-making and leads to enhanced performance.” An effective ERM program helps an organization avoid surprises, identify emerging risks and opportunities, improve risk and return trade-offs, and understand its overall risk profile, all in a manner that leads to value creation and improved risk management across the organization.  We at Rochdale Paragon are excited by the changes, and particularly appreciate the ways in which the Update links ERM and risk management with risk appetite, return, and the setting of strategies. We believe that credit unions should explore the Update to better understand how its application can improve the success of their ERM programs and would be pleased to speak with you about how your organization can enhance its ERM processes.  Also, be sure to stay tuned for our next article building on the new COSO framework and offering practical ways to more effectively tie your enterprise risk management programs to strategy.last_img read more

Tony Pulis appointed Sheffield Wednesday manager | Football News

first_img– Advertisement – Pulis succeeds Garry Monk, who was sacked on Monday.More to follow…This is a breaking news story that is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh this page for the latest updates.- Advertisement – Sky Sports brings you live updates as they happen. Get breaking sports news, analysis, exclusive interviews, replays and highlights.Sky Sports is your trusted source for breaking sports news headlines and live updates. Watch live coverage of your favourite sports: Football, F1, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Rugby League, Rugby Union, NFL, Darts, Netball and get the latest transfers news, results, scores and more.Visit or the Sky Sports App for all the breaking sports news headlines. You can receive push notifications from the Sky Sports app for the latest news from your favourite sports and you can also follow @SkySportsNews on Twitter to get the latest updates.- Advertisement –center_img Sheffield Wednesday have appointed Tony Pulis as their new manager.The 62-year-old has been out of management since leaving Middlesbrough at the end of the 2018/19 campaign.- Advertisement –last_img read more

BLOG: Stay Safe This Weekend in the Coldest Weather of the Season

first_imgIn addition, DHS is reminding Pennsylvanian renters and homeowners who are financially eligible to request crisis or regular Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grants to help pay energy bills. These grants are available through April 1, 2016. LIHEAP offers assistance in the form of a cash grant sent directly to the utility company or a crisis grant for households in immediate danger of being without heat. Cash grants are based on household income, family size, type of heating fuel and region. LIHEAP also provides funds to repair heating equipment. PSA,  The Blog,  Weather Safety This President’s Day weekend, state officials are expecting the coldest weather of the season so far. Cold temperatures combined with strong winds will create wind chills at or below zero on Friday and Saturday nights.The Pennsylvania Departments of Health, Aging, and Human Services, as well as the PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Office of the State Fire Commissioner, are urging all Pennsylvanians to take extra precautions in the coming days to prevent serious health issues in the cold.How can I prevent cold-related health problems?Life-threatening health problems can occur in just 30 minutes or less if skin is exposed to hazardous temperatures like those expected this weekend. Lower than normal temperatures and higher wind speeds, such as those we’re expecting this weekend, can cause heat to leave the body more quickly than normal and result in severe health issues.Stay inside when possible, as the most common cold-related problems are hypothermia and frostbite. Know the symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite (PDF), and seek medical attention if it is suspected that you or your loved ones have hypothermia or frostbite. If you must go outside, make outdoor trips brief. Dress warmly in layers, and cover your ears, head, mouth, and face. Never ignore shivering – it’s your body’s way of saying you’re losing heat and it’s time to return indoors.How can I help my loved ones and neighbors?Infants and older Pennsylvanians are at greater risk of serious cold-related health issues and should be checked frequently to ensure they are warm enough during cold weather.Provide warm clothing for infants, and ensure that those less than 1 year old never sleep in a cold room, as they lose body heat more easily than adults and are unable to make enough body heat by shivering.Older adults also often make less body heat because of a slower metabolism and less physical activity. During this arctic blast, a quick check-in with your elderly family members and neighbors can make big difference and may even save a life.BLOG: Caring for Senior Family Members This Holiday Season:— Pennsylvania DOH (@PAHealthDept) December 17, 2015How can I heat my home safely?House fires are common in the winter, so Pennsylvanians should be extra vigilant in ensuring that any action they take doesn’t put them and their loved ones at risk.In addition, carbon monoxide is another threat that claims lives every year, even though prevention is fairly simple. It is important to test carbon monoxide detectors regularly to ensure proper protection. Often called “the silent killer,” it is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that can incapacitate victims before they’re aware they’ve been exposed.To prevent carbon monoxide build-up, folks should never try to heat their home using a generator, stove, charcoal grill, camp stove, or other gasoline or charcoal-burning device inside their home, basement, garage or near a window. Carbon monoxide is created when combustible materials burn incompletely and can build up in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces.Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are often mistaken for the flu and include nausea, headaches, dizziness, disorientation and fatigue. If you suspect you’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide, leave the building immediately and call 9-1-1 or seek medical attention.How is the state helping?PEMA is working with county and local partners as well as charity organizations to identify vulnerable populations and unmet needs to provide any necessary assistance as early as possible.Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program grants are available through April 1. Apply today:— Pennsylvania DHS (@PAHumanServices) November 20, 2015 By: Sophie Stone, Deputy Press Secretary February 12, 2016 BLOG: Stay Safe This Weekend in the Coldest Weather of the Season Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Relentless rise in euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands

first_imgChristian Concern 1 October 2014Dr Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship has described euthanasia in the Netherlands as “way out of control”, highlighting the escalation of the practice of Dutch doctors intentionally ending the lives of their patients by administering lethal drugs and withdrawing hydration.He reports that euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands in 2013 increased by 15% to just under 5,000, and that over a period of seven years there has been a 151% increase.“What we are seeing in the Netherlands is ‘incremental extension’, the steady intentional escalation of numbers with a gradual widening of the categories of patients to be included,” says Dr Saunders. read more

Watch for “phishing” emails

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute was notified that some grantees are receiving “phishing” emails such as the one in the image at the bottom of this message. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and financial information by disguising as a trustworthy entity.Phishing and malicious software or “malware” are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so it is important to keep your software updated and use available spam filters. But you are the last and most important defense against security threats.Below are some questions you should ask yourself when receiving email messages.Do I know the sender? Does this look like a typical email from this person?Was I expecting this message? Was I expecting an attachment?Is the text in the subject line or message body alarmist, have spelling errors or offering a prize?Phishers will try to conceal email and web addresses. In many cases, you can check the From: line or colored, underlined link by hovering your mouse pointer over without clicking it. The address will appear near your mouse pointer or at the bottom of the window. Verify the server name or domain that usually ends with something like .gov, .org or .gov and would be immediately followed by the first single forward slash (/).State of Indiana websites typically have an domain. Emails from state employees will be formatted as “Lastname, Firstname” such as “Owens, Gabrielle”. Occasionally you may see trusted State of Indiana services, such as IntelliGrants or this GovDelivery email provider.If you suspect an email is suspicious, do not open any of the attachments. Report it by clicking the Spam button, if your email provider offers one, or by notifying your Information Technology professional and then by deleting the message.last_img read more

Life is corking at St Mary’s

first_img On Saturday Saints secured their first win since the former Espanyol boss controversially replaced Nigel Adkins at the helm, beating Manchester City 3-1 at St Mary’s. Much has been made of the pressing game employed by Pochettino since his arrival, and Cork said: “It does feel like you need two hearts to play like that. It is hard work but you can see the result and hopefully if we can keep that standard going, we can hopefully do that every week.” Press Association Southampton’s Jack Cork is enjoying life under new manager Mauricio Pochettino – even if he could do with an extra heart to cope with the demands brought by the Argentinian’s pressing game.center_img He went on: “We’ve been playing well for quite a while now – it is a good two or three months we’ve been picking up a few results. “The last few games under the new gaffer we’ve been playing some really good stuff. “After a great game like that against City, there is no reason why we can’t keep going and get higher up the table.” Southampton moved six points clear of the drop zone with Saturday’s win, which Cork compared to the high of achieving automatic promotion from the Championship last year. “I’ve had some great times at this stadium,” he said. “When we went up last season, the fans were unbelievable then. “That was up with that day. When the final whistle went and you see the fans go nuts and to see the lads so happy, it was a great three points. “It takes us six points clear and it is almost as big as when we went up last year. Hopefully we can keep that gap at six points and push on.” last_img read more

Kinnear keen to look abroad

first_imgNewcastle will not abandon the European market as director of football Joe Kinnear attempts to provide Alan Pardew with a stronger team. He added: “We have been palling up, so we will go abroad. We will go to everywhere in Europe looking at matches. We will scour the length and breadth of Europe to find what we want.” Kinnear, whose appointment caused such consternation on Tyneside, is busily trying to forge a working relationship with Pardew and Carr and is convinced the three of them can take the club forward. He said: “Three of us can sit down and iron out what we think is the best for Newcastle. “Our role is to get the best players and the best team that Newcastle can have. That’s what I intend to do. “I’m not saying, ‘Hey, let’s go and get Ronaldo and Messi’. They are out of our range. But if we see what we believe are good, solid players, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be in the top 10. “Each night, I will be going to matches. Maybe I will be going out of the country with Graham. We will travel around. We will go elsewhere to try to open the doors on new signings.” The Magpies have prospered in recent seasons as a result of chief scout Graham Carr’s knowledge of continental talent, which has allowed the club to recruit the likes of Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye and Papiss Cisse. However, amid misgivings over the lack of home-grown talent in Pardew’s squad, a perception has emerged in recent weeks that domestic options will be examined this summer. But while Newcastle’s horizons may be extended, Kinnear insists Carr’s expertise will not go to waste, telling the Chronicle: “We will look abroad again with Graham Carr. I have had three days with Graham already.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more