Pulse Shang Shang Shang Shang Shang Shang CPS advertisement line

Shang Shang Shang Shang Shang CPS advertising line.

digital, home appliances products Commission: 5%

in addition to digital, home appliances products outside the Commission: 10%

welcome to the majority of owners put.

Union address: http://s.myad.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://s.top.admin5.com/u

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445

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CPS hard to do CPS will win the trick

there are several domestic CPS alliance, I believe the webmaster are already very familiar with. I believe a lot of owners of CPS to wait and see attitude, or skepticism, one of the most important reason is that the effect of the problem". The reference of foreign experience, CPS advertising is an important source of many sites is profitable, the key is to grasp the key have a brilliant future. The following experience for reference:

1, fully understand the CPS alliance will be profitable to ensure. Yiqifa, linktech, results of network, do you know them? They are the traditional CPS alliance, in Banner advertising, text link ads have been quite mature. But the different characteristics of the alliance, such as advertisers have quality is different! If you are a fashion website, which will see the advertising alliance in terms of clothing is the strongest, delivery will get the best results! Why? Because you guide the user in the past, if the quality is not the main advertising itself this, the user lost over. The most serious is that the next time you will not point to the ad. read more

Talk about a few Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and type

in China, where many Wangzhuan Wangzhuan can, also in the form of diversification, a click on items like "happy people around" is run by a young man to engage in personal website, mainly to provide some advertising for members to click, you can obtain the income, the income is part of from advertisers. Registered Wangzhuan project tasks like "51 good money" is a domestic company established by Alipay, is the first domestic trust business certification Wangzhuan station, good reputation, you can pay 1 yuan. In addition to the survey such as "first investigation", in easily, also can do fast payment alone, and support 5 recommend reward, let heart promotion and participants get more revenue. read more

Ad4all Skype advertising statement

Skype advertising statement

dear members of the alliance, hello!

recently found some websites still use informal pages for advertising, to induce users to download, affect the user experience, bring negative effects to Skype, such as found in the following statement on the alliance of all violations will be deducted from the data and close the account.

1, friends, pornography, video, chat, video and other types of stations, will not be allowed to put. If your site belongs to the above range, please immediately remove the ad code, replacing other advertising;
3, not allowed in sensitive pictures, content and text on the page, put the advertisement of Skype
5, welcome to download website alliance advertising Skype. read more

Dr. the story of Huang Zhixiong and the nternet

is probably affected by the time to go where the impact of the introduction of my Internet mentor Mr. Mou Changqing recently fell in love with nostalgia. Then began to recall the time when 28 before and after the founding of the 28 disciples, so the 28 push includes later joined the disciples all teachers are finally starting to visible before the eyes, his memoirs, each disciple had to write a write.

this article is written 28 to push the big brother Huang Zhixiong, very inspirational, but also very warm, the following is the full text. read more

YC partner Garry Tan the beginning of the business to do the most important thing

China continues to heat up one of the realization of entrepreneurial heat, is the emergence of many business incubators. And contact with them, often talk to their common viewing, Y Combinator (YC), located in the United States is currently the world’s most famous Internet startups incubator.

recently, the point of science and technology Lu Gang (micro-blog) YC partner Garry Tan conducted an exclusive interview. Garry Tan is a co-founder of the micro blogging service Posterous, joined YC in early 2011 as a partner, especially in product design to guide the various teams of YC. The success of YC, entrepreneurial direction and need to pay attention to, Garry talked about his own views. read more

Mail tracking platform Yesware $4 million A round of financing

June 21st news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported last year after the seed fund of $1 million, to provide mail tracking service startup Yesware for sales staff, recently announced the successful $4 million investment in the A round of financing. Round of financing led by venture capital firm IDG Ventures, in addition to the previous investors also participated in the round of financing, including: Google venture capital, investment company Foundry Group.

Yesware company for sales staff to provide a series of Gmail based mail services, such as mail tracking, tracking and analysis report, also can through the Yesware platform, to facilitate customer relationship management (CRM) information input system, and Yesware has been the main and the implementation of CRM system integration, such as Salesforce the company, Microsoft Corp and Oracle Corp etc.. read more

AdSense policy what is the change in advertising behavior or positioning

Some publishers may have received a notification email like this: "publishers shall not act or change the positioning of Google advertising, including the implementation of AdSense ad code in the" floating box script ", or the use of hidden keywords or change IFRAME advertising positioning." There are a lot of publishers who write to us and ask us where we have violated our policy. Today we are going to introduce in detail what is the behavior or positioning of the modified advertising".

1. to set the advertising in the form of floating

2. ads to block the content of the web page, or the contents of the page to block some advertising

3. ads flashing or other ways to attract user attentionThe number of

4. advertising units exceeds the allowed number of our policies (3 ad units, 3 referral units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes)

5. in the web page using hidden or irrelevant keywords affect the advertising positioning

6. in a web site using iframe to launch multiple ad units

7. uses iframe to locate ads on other pages or sites

8. using 2 or multi-layer iframe advertising, the impact of advertising positioning.

9. embeds ads or ads on Web pages into software

10. put an ad in an email or use an email to promote advertising read more

GOOGLE-ADSENSE daily income survey

200412 months before the first day of the day 0.2-0.3 was about 10The following is the content of

date "clicks" show the number of hits "eCPM income?

2004 Friday, December 10th 179290.50% USD0.10 USD0.18

2004 Saturday, December 11th 3500% USD0.00 USD0.00

2004 Monday, December 13th 6318270.43% USD0.03 USD0.17

2004 Tuesday, December 14th 9872220.22% USD0.03 USD0.29

2004 Wednesday, December 15th 10101260.26% USD0.04 USD0.41

2004 Thursday, December 16th 9932220.22% USD0.07 USD0.68

2004 Friday, December 17th 8488150.18% USD0.08 USD0.67

2004 Saturday, December 18th 9533130.14% USD0.03 USD0.31

2004 Sunday, December 19th 10902160.15% USD0.07 USD0.76

2004 Monday, December 20th 10619120.11% USD0.02 USD0.24

2004 Tuesday, December 21st 10585240.23% USD0.06 USD0.59 read more

Nine wins eBay CPA advertising delivery! Please pay attention to notice


eBay CPA advertising will stop running in January 31st, because eBay advertisers return quantity, the returned data is not timely, in order to ensure the interests of owners, the union decided to suspend its cooperation, we will no longer cooperate with ebay.

please put the advertisement of the webmaster in time to cancel the advertising code, in order to avoid advertising waste caused unnecessary loss, inconvenience please forgive!

nine wins advertising alliance

release: 2008-1-30 read more

Discussion on the forum propaganda skills experience

Hello, the key is to adhere to the post. Every day more than one hundred hair, your monthly income can reach 11250–3000 yuan, to go to the place where the traffic is high forum.

There are many ways of

propaganda, the details can refer to reference and consulting group.

I personally think

is the most effective and cheapest propaganda method, is posted at the forum.

I was on the forum posts, crazy crazy water, take the right mouse acid every day tired, pay so much effort to want so much to do offline run rich business network to make money together, I have such results today. read more

Teach you to dig in the gold four law

– a craft

said with a vast wealth, rather than have a slight skill by oneself.

Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China, and so far the only Chinese entrepreneurs to write their names on the planet. He is a carpenter in Shanghai art carving factory to craft carving camphorwood box. With this hand

art fair, in order to get the 20, camphorwood box earned him ten thousand yuan.

first pot of gold digging, so that his belongings all in charge of traditional woodcarving, finally have the results today. read more

The higher failure three cause not to be able to make money through online

now is not what Wangzhuan very fresh things, a lot of people through the Wangzhuan have earned a lot of money, such as the website, such as open shop and so on, as well as help marketers are able to earn a lot of money, of course, with the huge army of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, competition is becoming more and more serious, a lot of people just joined the higher by cleaning out the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore of these people, what is the cause of failure of Wangzhuan? The author summarizes the three reasons in the study, we hope to be able to prepare for a career in this industry new Wangzhuan help read more

Conversation e Jie Yuntao why do do housekeeping O2O

today, two men meet for the second time. In front of the tan though a bit tired, but still looked indifferent, do not know because some time ago in the Baidu e home cleaning conference scene show.

topic: traditional domestic companies die


mentioned in this topic, see Yuntao deep feelings about this:

1, domestic companies to make money by two bluff;

2, domestic companies regardless of distance and working hours, late general;

3, hourly workers can only wait at home phone;

4 hours worked, often about read more

Read Wang Tong blog has a sense of money may be so simple

contact SEO soon, before Wang Tong also have some understanding, simply read some of his books are downloaded from the Baidu library, also do not know some people the false hair, e-book content is not very attractive to me, with a glance thrown into the trash! There is no attention to Wang Tong, just remember that Wang Tong is a SEO expert


in 2011 after the Spring Festival I came to Beijing, may be the reason for the space distance, few previous hearing or attention to Wang Tong’s message, I work in the company has a project is planned by Wang Tong, the tariff is 100 thousand yuan, is 09 year plan written in July, a few days ago I had see, those methods now in A5 SEO, often wandering fans, is really something we talk about! Some people may say, 09 years in July to now have nearly two years of time, the method of value at that time in 100 thousand, and certainly not worth it. In my opinion, the same scheme, the same method, or Wang Tong to work out the planning, this method may now be worth 200 thousand! An authoritative effect, an industry leader read more

Blogging money and wealth creation

now the Internet is on the Internet circle repeat the stock tricks, a large open space, began to take the venture firms to hire technical staff to earn money. Ma Yun claimed that he did not understand the technology, but also do not understand the network, but he will be fooled a bunch of people to do with him, so made the world’s largest online trading platform B2B. Many people read the book for many years, learned a lot of skills, a lot of effort, a lot of sweat flow, and finally found to have been controlled by others, manipulated by others. So you want to be a real millionaire today, see my blog should know what to do, don’t go to work without Ming, think more time to work to earn money, think more people know more money, are some of the wrong idea. read more

After 4 months of course Wangzhuan the lesson from 20click

4 months! ~ in the past is brought about by the painful lessons! ~20click10 months began to take the heat! ~ just a few days to reach a group of users can not imagine! ~ everybody is try holding the mentality to participate in the


project has put money in Wangzhuan station, the station had a period of time to recommend others to join. It seems that one of my friends threw in some money. In this to those who are misled by the site earn friends say sorry. The matter also to the vast number of friends and I made a heavy lift. There is a risk of wangzhuan. In particular, this kind of 20click must invest money to participate in the project. That is, the so-called investment to make money. This kind of project from the previous case. Without exception, are the beginning of good faith, but once a lot of members involved, the amount of investment is also very large, they closed the door. Of course not go, but the curly Lezai Le Zai all hard-earned money to go. read more

Network construction of small and medium enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises have been the main enterprise network project service object, small and medium-sized enterprise Internet effect is veiled showed no effect, I am finishing the years of small and medium-sized enterprise service experience, hope that small and medium-sized enterprises website some enlightenment.

Objective — network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises,

two, how to manage the enterprise website — Internet network resources integration read more

Google right sponsor advertising Adwords scam

Google on the right side of the ad is really a very simple thing, but a lot of Internet companies do not understand the rules of the Google advertising customers to deceive customers, it is easy to be fooled, usually agents say

account fees or service charges: some $100, some $200, according to some charge 100 yuan per 500 yuan, the feeling is come out of thin air, (this cost? Ggyy said there is a $5 account to be verified)
2. exchange rate in fact, how many people do not know the exchange rate of
3. per click minimum of 0.5 yuan? It’s actually 5 cents.
4, monthly, annual system: the most deceptive is this one, how customers cheated? Google only click billing, from this view. What is: customer to expose a proxy package 1500 yuan, a month. The agent was happy and made a fortune! Only need to submit a Google no more than 150 yuan, in the display of a variety of control standards, such as selection of $1 a day. OK, the ad has been posted. Google will be strict control of its daily maximum of $1. In this way, the customer’s advertising is not displayed on the goolge every day, but intermittent display, daily control of $1. 150 yuan was finished, a month may have been nearly 20 days. Usually by this time, the customer at every day, less attention has been paid to the customer, if asked, then add some money to then give customers 1500 yuan agents, agents may be the actual earn 1350 yuan.
5. Why not, perhaps when the customer is chasing, agents may say: inform the reason is: your ad is suspended, wait a moment, and then submit it up. (this is the middle of the show may have stopped for several days, the customer found a general inquiry will find agents). The fact is: Google for the key word when the click rate is less than the keyword display 5%, will be automatically suspended.
6. Guaranteed rankings: click on your site more than a few times, consume some, do not go up
7. For a very high price, and then if you feel expensive, as prices continue to decline,
8, to a so-called click not money (sounds very attractive) and then offer turnkey so-called impression advertising quotation: in fact this is a Google data report only.
and the contents of the article wrote "the new network. read more