To resolve the 5 breast NG moment let you Cup up ‘s health network

NG1: exercise, massage can breast

because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, and make the chest smaller. We must choose a reasonable exercise, which can promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, which is very helpful for the chest shape. If it is a massage, it is necessary to choose the right approach, if the intensity is not appropriate, then it is likely to cause contusion and extrusion. If a long time to breast massage, can cause relaxation, may also be out of shape. read more

What are the methods of prenatal breast massage health net

3, side massage

hot compress massage

many pregnant women friends will breast massage in prenatal, because in the prenatal do breast massage benefits very much, not only can dredge the breast duct, let the milk flow more smoothly, but also can stimulate breast tissue, so that the nipple and areola sensitive skin become more strong, so as to prepare for lactation. So, what are the methods of prenatal breast massage?

breast massage? The above three methods are introduced to massage breast common for everyone, respectively, is hot compress massage massage, massage side push push. Want to massage the breast of the female friends in prenatal, may wish to choose one of them to massage, the effect is better. Want to pay attention to is, massage breast should pay attention to strength, in order to avoid damage to the breast. read more

Make life care plan to breast health network

care focus: women in this period should be tight jacket and bra collection, so as not to affect the normal development of the breast affected oppression, thereby affecting the child’s feeding. After 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, often scrub with soap and warm water nipple, so that epidermal thickening of the nipple, elastic. After scrubbing in the nipple and areola is coated with a layer of oil, to prevent chapped.

care focus: this period is a multiple stage of breast fibroma, because female hormone secretion is strong, endocrine is not coordinated. During this period, the mother should pay particular attention to her daughter’s breast changes, such as whether there is nipple retraction, whether a long pimple, if there is an abnormal medical treatment should not be shy. read more

Breast cancer three late group of the most high-risk _39 _ female health network

45-55 years of age need to be vigilant

the three highest risk of late

maternal and child health care group, Zhao Jing, is expected by the end of the year, the city will have nearly 40 thousand school-age women receive free breast cancer screening.

environmental deterioration, food pollution, psychological stress and other factors caused by changes in hormone levels, as well as other human factors have led to increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Zhao Jing introduction, breast cancer and age, physical, genetic, but also related to lifestyle. At the same time, if the early detection of breast cancer, the treatment effect is better. read more

12 kinds of signs of disease _39 _ female breast health alert network

4 redness / fever. The nipple and areola color deepened, fever, suggesting a bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia lesions or cystic hyperplasia, or with estrogen levels.

orange peel appearance. Breast cancer subcutaneous lymphatic invasion, lymphatic obstruction, can cause skin edema, but hair follicle skin will not so easy to edema, surface depression, like orange peel like. Professor Xu Binghe said, can cause cellulite change disease: tuberculosis, fibroadenoma and fibrocystic breast cancer, sarcoma, and fat necrosis. read more

Bathe in the winter before the first warm-up Beware of female skin dehydration relaxation _39 health

In addition to

winter bath should not be too frequent

winter bath before the first warm up

winter wash a hot bath, can let the body warm up, so many people feel that the water temperature is higher. In fact, the bath water temperature should be close to the body temperature, that is 37 -40 C.

bath in winter should not only follow the first wash again Wash Shampoo last order, his time should also begin from the foot washing. Because let vascular contraction in the low temperature, warm water will cause the head to head suddenly, and the body skin vascular sudden expansion, lead to important organs such as heart and brain ischemia dizziness and chest tightness, sharp, discomfort. First with hot water in the foot, foot to be warm, and then slowly to the body of water, let the body there is a gradual process of adaptation. read more

Five women drink tea to help face _39 resident health net _ women

3, lotus tea

4, Huang Qiyang

1, rose tea

2, jujube medlar tea

ginseng tea

women want to maintain a beautiful appearance is done daily recuperation, tea drinking is a daily regimen of what is suitable for women to drink tea?

drink five women tea to help face resident

heat dampness, activating blood to stop bleeding. The amount of menstrual indications caused by blood stasis, abdominal pain, vomiting, traumatic injury.

has the effect of improving Qi and blood deficiency and strengthening physical strength. The red dates (to core) into the pot with the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, and add appropriate amount of water to be decocted; red dates boiled soft, add brown sugar, then mix well, you can drink. read more

The woman was pregnant will cause abnormal leucorrhea _39 _ female health network

pregnant woman will cause abnormal leucorrhea

a woman at the time of pregnancy leucorrhea once abnormal when need check leucorrhea, from the results of these tests can determine whether there is inflammation, if there is inflammation, it is necessary to further confirm the inflammation caused by pathogen, pregnant women should remember, during pregnancy and usually have medication the difference, a lot of drugs during pregnancy are disabled, therefore, there is a time when inflammation to take under the guidance of a doctor. read more

14 the maintenance of the chest to expose false rumors _39 _ women’s health network

may not necessarily. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the breast, but the size of the breast does not change. However, it seems that the breasts are enlarged because of the strengthening of the chest muscles, so that the breasts themselves become more firm and plump.

is bullshit. The probability of breast cancer is not directly related to the size of the breast, because the malignant tumor occurs directly in the breast duct or breast lobule. However, it has been shown that overweight women are more likely to develop the disease, but more often it is associated with metabolic disorders than the size of the breast. read more

Women over 30 years old growth is likely to develop breast cancer _39 _ women’s health network

". The mortality rate of breast cancer was in direct proportion to the annual fat intake. Research shows that Fried Eggs, meat, butter and cheese, dessert, animal fat can increase the risk of breast cancer, and green vegetables, fruits, fish, low-fat dairy products can reduce the risk of.

2, willing to treat

5, good attitude. A good mood, avoid mood swings, help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Shengqi Qin said the doctor, surgical resection is the main treatment for breast cancer, plus radiotherapy and chemotherapy, TCM therapy, endocrine therapy and molecular targeted treatment for the comprehensive, long-term survival rate is high, so even if breast cancer doesn’t need to worry too much, early diagnosis and early the treatment is the key to improve the cure rate of breast cancer. read more

The root of female breast pain _39 _ female health network

(two) wet liver depression and spleen: common symptoms of premenstrual breast pain, tenderness, abdominal pain and tenesmus, poor appetite, weakness, diarrhea, usually leucorrhea, menstrual multicolor light, treatment of spleen dampness Qi, commonly used drugs are Poria, Atractylodes rhizome, coix seed, Magnolia, Kawa Ko, Albizia etc..

Should persevere )

is the most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

treatment for the disease, taking the prime time started taking the medication in premenstrual breast swelling, until the pain to disappear so far, so the regulation of menstrual cycle three, most of the breast pain will recover. read more

Women need to give free breast health network _ women _39

reduces the risk of breast.


The following

C cup without fear. More than 60% of Oriental women are A or B cup. In addition to fitness need to wear sports Bra, usually do not have to worry about sagging breasts.

women need two sizes of bras each month: before and after menstruation. Because of hormonal changes, the size of the organ shrinks in the same month.

: wearing the right bra The update cycle

bra size is a combination of the bust size and code cup, cup code for the bust, such as the difference is about 10cm for the A cup, 12.5cm B 15cm cup, C cup, and so on. If your chest is 83 cm, 74 cm under the chest, so that the correct size for you is 75A. read more

Must know! This should be to ease the breast health net _ women aged _39

reminder: exercise, should wear a sports bra, so as to effectively protect the breast, so that it will not be pulled in strenuous exercise.

method: at any moment to keep correct sitting and standing posture, must strut.

Methods: the

a woman’s chest is an obvious physical characteristics for women, and the chest is often a lot of time represents a female charm, so women on their chest health beautiful, give a lot of attention.

2 normal work and rest in addition to the natural aging of the human body, stay up all night, life is not the law will affect the metabolism and blood circulation, but also lead to hormonal confusion, affect the health of the breast. read more

8 let your chest massage health network _ women soared _39

1, Fu point, Zhongwan and Lingtai point

point: just below the nipple around sixth intercostal inner end.


5, door

breast enhancement principle: breast, make firm.

other effects: treatment of breast pain, intercostal neuralgia, hepatitis.

6, milk

4, package

: breast stasis stagnation, Tongru principle.

efficacy: improve frigidity, menstrual conditioning.

breast enhancement principle: breast, unobstructed breast.

Lingtai point: the back of the third thoracic spines at the pit.

massage method: on the finger surface, do massage. read more