Young Winnipeg athlete living the dream and preparing for the World Transplant

first_imgBrittany Hobson APTN National NewsOver the past two years, APTN National News has been following the story of a young Winnipeg athlete living with a rare liver disease.Last year, she took on the Canadian Transplant Games.This year, Allexis Siebrecht is moving on to bigger things.bhobson@aptn.calast_img

Recent Terrorist Acts in Region Have Little Impact on Moroccan Tourism

Rabat – The terrorist acts committed recently in some countries in the region had a little impact on the Moroccan tourism, said communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.The despicable terrorist acts in some brotherly countries had affected tourism in our country but the impact remains very little, said El Khalfi at a press briefing after the weekly cabinet meeting in Rabat, under the chairmanship of head of government Abdelilah Benkirane, adding that the Kingdom succeeded in keeping its image as an attractive country with a very competitive touristic product.He said that a communication plan was set up to proactively deal with the impact of these attacks against countries that are considered as tourism markets for Morocco, notably in Europe, underlining that government’s efforts touch also on a continued follow-up to curb the negative repercussions of these terrorist attacks. read more

Union Pacific Canopy move higher but Alcoa Skechers fall

NEW YORK — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Thursday:Alcoa Corp., down $1.06 to $26.66Lower prices pushed the aluminum products maker to a first quarter loss and the results fell short of forecasts.United Rentals Inc., up $10.24 to $136The equipment rental company’s first quarter profit and revenue beat forecasts on gains across geographic regions.Skechers USA Inc., down $3.68 to $31.60The shoe company’s first quarter sales fell short of forecasts and it issued a weak revenue outlook for the year.Union Pacific Corp., up $7.38 to $176.66The railroad reported better-than-expected first quarter profit as higher prices mostly offset lower freight volume.Sleep Number Corp., down $8.87 to $39.16First quarter sales fell just shy of forecasts for the seller of beds and mattresses and it warned of cost pressures throughout 2019.Snap-On Inc., up $10.23 to $168.07The tool and diagnostic equipment maker’s first quarter profit beat forecasts and it reported growth in its U.S. franchise network.Atlassian Corp., down $9.25 to $101.94The software company’s fourth-quarter profit forecast fell short of Wall Street’s expectations.Canopy Growth Corp., up $1.71 to $44.56The cannabis company signed a deal giving it the right to buy Acreage Holdings Inc. if the U.S. government legalizes the drug.The Associated Press read more

UN expert urges leaders at G20 summit to put right to food

31 October 2011A United Nations expert urged world leaders today to put the right to food before industry interests when committing to a food security plan later this week at the G-20 summit in Cannes, France, warning of the negative impacts that biofuels and financial speculation have on this basic human right. “The G-20 made an important statement of intent by placing food security at the top of its agenda. But agreeing on a food security action plan without addressing biofuels and speculation would be like running a bath without putting in the plug. All of the good ideas simply drain away,” said Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, in a statement.Mr. De Schutter called for governments to put an end to biofuel mandates and subsidies as they are a major factor that causes food prices to rise and creates a high demand for farmland in developing countries. “Leaders are yet to prove that they heard the joint recommendations of international organizations five months ago, which urged G-20 governments to stop subsidising biofuels. It is not enough to name-check the issue – the G-20 must put the human right to food before the vested interests of some of its industries,” he said.Mr. De Schutter also called for leaders to put financial regulations in place to stop speculation on food commodity prices, making them rise unnecessarily, and said the action plan agreed by G-20 agriculture ministers in June is too weak and requires a stronger stance to have an impact.“Food commodity markets must not be a refuge when other financial markets have dried up. Speculation on these markets is rife, and instead of allowing producers and buyers to hedge against risk, it has increased risk and led to price changes unconnected to the underlying fundamentals.”In addition, Mr. De Schutter said food reserves can be used to stimulate the growth of small farmers, prevent famines, and bring stability to the food market.“We must be more ambitious, and use food stocks as a tool for stabilizing the market. If we buy from small-scale farmers when supply is plentiful, and release these stocks when markets are tight, we can prevent the volatile price swings and supply shocks which create humanitarian crises in the first place.”The expert warned that unless bolder actions are taken, the world will be unable to feed the nine billion people estimated to inhabit the planet by the year 2050.“Time is running out for world leaders, who must go beyond rhetoric and deliver real change. The hungry cannot wait,” he said. read more

Palestinian girl shot while at UN school in Gaza Strip dies of

The fifth grade pupil, shot yesterday at the school in the refugee camp at Khan Younis, is the second youngster in recent weeks to die after being hit by gunfire while attending a UN-run school in Gaza. Ten-year-old Raghda Adnan Al-Assar died on 22 September, two weeks after being struck unconscious by a bullet to the head.Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), decried the deaths, calling them “horrific by anyone’s standards.” He also pointed out that beyond the campuses of educational facilities, “the pace of child deaths in Gaza has been accelerating terribly in recent weeks.”Almost every day, Mr. Hansen said, “The most basic of the rights of the child – to life – is now being violated.”UNRWA has repeatedly called on the Israeli military to stop firing at its schools. There have now been four such incidents in less than two years, which the Agency said was a sign of the Israeli army’s indiscriminate and dangerous military tactics in civilian areas.UNRWA is also concerned that parents are growing increasingly fearful about sending their children to school in Gaza because of the level of violence they experience both during their journeys and once they arrive. read more

ARM CortexA7 and bigLITTLE set to revolutionize mobile computing

first_imgLook inside most mobile devices on the market today and they will be running an ARM processor. There’s a good reason for that. ARM’s range of chips are some of the most energy efficient on the market and a big part of why we can have performance smartphones that achieve decent battery life.As with all processors though, with time comes the demand for more performance and lower power use. And as you’d expect, ARM not only has a next-generation processor in development, it blows even its own existing chips away.Yesterday ARM announced the 1GHz Cortex-A7 MPCore, the company’s successor to the Cortex-A8 and the introduction of a term we’re all going to have to get used to called big.LITTLE.The Cortex-A7 on its own is an impressive chip. It is about one fifth of the size of the Cortex-A8 while at the same time offering a five-fold improvement in energy efficiency. This has been achieved by using a 28nm process to create a chip that measures less than 0.5mm2. So it’s a smaller chip, using significantly less power, but at the same time offers up a major performance gain over today’s mobile processors.ARM believes we’ll see the Cortex-A7 appearing in low-end (sub $100) smartphones in 2013. So in just over a year we’ll be buying $99 smartphones that outperform today’s premium handsets in terms of battery life and system performance.The second, and arguably more exciting part of the announcement ARM made yesterday was big.LITTLE processing. What this refers to is the combination of two processors in one package that offers up high-end performance when you need it, but energy efficiency when you don’t. Think of how Nvidia’s Optimus graphics technology works for an idea of what ARM is doing here.What ARM has done is combine the new Cortex-A7 chip with its Cortex-A15 high-performance chip. That big.LITTLE solution will allow for lots of performance for the tasks that need it e.g. launching a web browser, watching a movie, or playing a game, by using the A15. But then very low power draw for other operating system tasks e.g. making a call, writing a text, changing your phone settings, etc. by using the A7.From the user’s point of view this switching will be transparent and they will just see the end result of a very fast phone with long battery life. This is possible because the switch from one processor to the other takes no more than 20 microseconds. Manufacturers choosing to use this system will just need to support that switching for their handsets, as will operating systems e.g. Android.It won’t be surprising to hear that ARM already has a number of manufacturers on board for the new processors. Broadcom, Freescale, LG, Samsung, ST Ericsson, and Texas Instruments have licensed the new designs, meaning come 2013 they will be available across a range of mobile devices.Check out the video below for a demonstration of big.LITTLE in action using the combination of A7 and A15 processors.Read more at ARM, via GigaOMlast_img read more

Spirit of Soul fundraiser

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Spirit of Soul, a group formed by the late Katerina Tzikas to raise money for various cancer charities, is now back with another fundraiser. Featuring more dancing, more prizes, more fabulous people, while keeping with their 1920s theme, there will also be a Money Wheel and Blackjack table with play money. All proceeds will go to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and its music therapy department that helped Katerina Tzikas. Prizes will be given to the best dressed, so make an effort.When: Saturday 25 October, 7.30 pm until late Where: The Castle Hotel, 56 Courtney Street, North Melbourne Cost: $35 (adults), $10 (kids), drinks and snacks at bar prices To book tickets visit read more

Le RoyaumeUni va créer son agence spatiale nationale

first_imgLe Royaume-Uni va créer son agence spatiale nationaleRoyaume-Uni – Mardi, le Royaume-Uni a annoncé la création de sa première agence spatiale nationale. Elle verra le jour le 1er avril prochain et prendra en charge les projets britanniques liés à l’espace, jusqu’ici placés sous la responsabilité de différents ministères et organismes de recherche.Baptisée UK Space Agency, cette agence représentera le Royaume-Uni au sein des organismes internationaux. Elle prendra en charge tous les projets britanniques et européens liés à l’espace tels que le GMES et Galileo qui étaient jusqu’ici gérés respectivement par le ministère de l’Agriculture et celui des Transports. L’intérêt britannique dans le Centre satellitaire de l’Union européenne (CSUE) était quant à lui sous la responsabilité du ministère de la Défense.”L’Agence spatiale britannique donnera au secteur l’énergie dont il a besoin pour accomplir ses ambitions. L’industrie spatiale britannique a défié la récession”, s’est félicité Lord Paul Drayson, le secrétaire d’État aux Sciences et à l’Innovation. Et de souligner que cet essor pourrait engendrer la création de quelque 100.000 emplois d’ici les 20 prochaines années, quand aujourd’hui le secteur emploie directement et indirectement 68.000 personnes.Le Royaume-Uni a également annoncé la création d’un Centre international pour l’innovation spatiale (Isic) qui sera chargé d’exploiter les données des satellites d’observation terrestre, de rassembler les données recueillies dans l’espace pour comprendre et combattre le réchauffement climatique, ou encore de donner des conseils en matière de sécurité. Il sera installé sur un site de l’Agence spatiale européenne situé à Harwell dans l’Oxfordshire. Il bénéficiera d’un budget de 40 millions de livres environ, soit 44,42 millions d’euros, et aura pour visée de “fournir un centre unique pour l’activité spatiale britannique et de permettre au Royaume-Uni de maintenir son rang dans le monde en matière de capacités spatiales” a expliqué le ministère britannique du Commerce.Le 27 mars 2010 à 15:22 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Geek Pick: Shark Ion Cleaning System S87 Is a Pricey, Powerful Robot Vacuum

first_imgGeek Pick: Neato Botvac D4 Connected Is a High-Tech Robot VacuumGeek Pick: AmazonBasics Microwave Cooks A Smart DinnerGeek Pick: Amazon Echo Wall Clock Tells Time With Tech Stay on target One of the weirdest sights you just get used to while working in a tech office is the fleet of robot vacuums roaming the floors for cleaning tests. You start to humanize them, turning the mild aesthetic differences of these grey plates with wheels into distinct personalities. It’s cute, not annoying, when they bump into your feet.But normal consumers can only pick one robot vacuum child. And while the $500 cost is pricey, the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 is pretty powerful. Geek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone KitGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls You’ve heard enough jokes about Roomba uprisings to basically know what a robot vacuum is. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 is a 12.5-inch disc with a short 3.4-inch height for rolling around your dirty floor and underneath furniture into especially filthy corners. While there’s no laser navigation, it still provides a thorough cleaning by bumping into objects. And the suction itself is strong, able to pick up fine grain and large debris in a single pass on carpets when using Max settings.The S87 runs for nearly two hours before returning to its dock for a three-hour charge. Through the mobile app you can make the most of those two hours by checking on previous cleaning cycles, finding where the vacuum is, ordering it to return to the dock, and setting up voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. However, there is no direct remote control.And for when you need to do some cleaning yourself, the S87 also comes with a convenient hand vacuum for your money. It slots into the same dock and has attachments for dusting, digging into crevices, and cleaning pets. Sometimes you need to reach places a lowly robot can’t.For more on the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 check out the extensive review on our sister site For more on helpful robots check out this blood-powered robot fish and this robot lifter that studies your biceps.More on read more

Rare footage of final ECW match from ECW Arena, WWE in Nielsen’s Top 10…

first_img FOX to reportedly air WWE “Smackdown’s Greatest Hits” special Friday, September 27 Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 WhatsApp Pinterest WWE has posted a clip (above) to YouTube from a rare ECW match featuring The Sandman vs. Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible from back in late 2000.The match ended up taking place at the last ECW event from the ECW Arena.“At Holiday Hell 2000, The Sandman takes on Steve Corino & Justin Credible at the last ECW event ever held at the ECW Arena: Courtesy of WWE Network.”WWE in Nielsen’s Top 10 for social is reporting that both RAW and Smackdown Live made Nielsen’s “Tops of 2018: Social TV list, which was released on Friday.Monday Night RAW came in at No. 2 for the year, with an average of over 500,000 interactions per week between Facebook and Twitter.Smackdown Live ranked in at No. 5, with an average of nearly 300,000 interactions per week between Facebook and Twitter as well.center_img Google+ Twitter Facebook Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORlast_img read more

Andy Carrol and Winston Reid out for three months for West

first_imgWest Ham United have confirmed that both Andy Carroll and Winston Reid will be unavailable for the next three months after sustaining ankle and knee injuriesThis latest injury blow for the Hammers will see the players require surgery and means that they are certainly out of their opening games for next season after returning home early from the club’s training camp in Switzerland.New West Ham boss Manuel Pellegrini told the club website: “We are obviously very sad to hear that Andy and Winston have suffered setbacks. This is a big blow for them and us, but we hope to see them back in action as soon as possible,”“It does mean that we have lost two players in key areas, though, and we’ll continue to work hard with the owners to make further additions to strengthen the playing squad, beyond the five new signings already confirmed.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…West Ham’s new head of medical Richard Collinge said: “Andy played and scored in Sunday’s match but is still reporting some discomfort in his ankle and further scans have revealed that he requires some minor surgery to provide more strength and stability to the area.“Winston has been suffering some swelling around the knee, following the injury that he sustained at Swansea last season, and he too is in need of explorative surgery to clean up the area. We have decided that this is the best course of action to ensure that both players have a chance of returning to full fitness as soon as possible.”Following Pellegrini’s appointment as David Moyes’ replacement, West Ham have since signed five new players and are now targetting a move for Lazio Felipe Anderson.The Hammers will start off the season with a tricky trip to Anfield on August 12, where they face Liverpool for their opening Premier League game.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly February 9 2015

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn.Download AudioClimate Change Rarely Major Discussion Topic In Alaska CapitalAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – JuneauWhen it comes to climate change, Alaska is seen as a bellwether. Temperatures have risen nearly 4 degrees over the past 50 years, a number that’s double the national average. But even though Alaska figures in discussion of climate change nationally, it’s rarely a major topic of conversation in Juneau.Alaska Lawmaker Introduces Right-To-Die Legislation The Associated PressAn Anchorage lawmaker has introduced legislation that would allow terminally ill patients the right to decide to end their lives with the help of a physician.North Pacific Halibut Bycatch Limit Could See 50 Percent Cut Lauren Rosenthal, KUCB – UnalaskaHalibut harvests have been on the decline in the Bering Sea for years. But the amount that trawlers and catcher-processors are allowed to take [incidentally] has stayed the same. Now, federal regulators have agreed to consider stiffer limits on halibut bycatch.Middle School Teachers Think Planning Time Cuts Are Hurting Students Anne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageMiddle School teachers in Anchorage fall into two groups – elective teachers and core class teachers. Before this year all of the teachers were given extra time to collaborate and try to ease the transition of students from being kids in elementary schools to young adults in high school. But this year it’s different – elective teachers don’t get time to collaborate. And some say it’s students who are losing out.Economic Group Sees Affordable Housing Shortage As Barrier To Growth For Anchorage Zachariah Hughes, KSKA – AnchorageAffordable housing is an issue across much of Alaska, and Anchorage is no exception. The city ranks in the top 20 most expensive housing markets in the nation. The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation sees it as one of the biggest barriers to improving the city’s fiscal future. And the group wants to start addressing the problem by focusing on homelessness.New EPA Standards Slash Wood-Fired Heater Emissions Dan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksThe Environmental Protection Agency has issued updated standards for wood fired heaters.Little Green Apple Ends Haines Junction’s Long Grocery Commute Emily Files, KHNS – HainesHaines Junction is a small town in Yukon Territory at the intersection of the Haines and Alaska Highways. It has a couple of restaurants, but no grocery store, until recently when two locals opened the Little Green Apple.Yukon Quest Trail Puts Dog Sled Designs To The TestEmily Schwing, KUAC – FairbanksBrent Sass is leading the Yukon Quest Sled Dog race. He left the Pelly Crossing checkpoint at 3:25 this morning. Hugh Neff followed at 6am. Joar Ulsom, Jeff King and Allen Moore round out the top five.On the Yukon Quest Trail, there are a few things mushers have to be especially picky about including a sturdy sled.  Jumble ice near McCabe Creek, half way to Pelly Crossing is testing sled engineering this year.last_img read more

Bethel Woman Faces Manslaughter Charge in Heroin Death

first_imgA Bethel woman has been indicted on a charge of manslaughter for allegedly fatally injecting her father with heroin. 35-year-old Shannon Cooke faces the charges for an incident from September 29th, 2014.The state says that 56-year-old Thomas Tungwenuk was found unresponsive in an Anchorage apartment. Police and medics responded and the man was later pronounced dead at a hospital.Daniel Shorey is an assistant district attorney in Anchorage.“The manslaughter charge is for delivering heroin to her father, Thomas Tungwenuk. She is also charged with misconduct involving a controlled substance for the actual delivery of the heroin,” said Shorey.The state medical examiner found that Tungwenuk had died of the acute combined effects of alcohol and heroin. Police received a report that Tungwenuk had injected himself and then was found by his daughter 30 to 45 minutes later, however the state alleges that Cooke injected him.Cooke was arrested Friday by Bethel police. Bail was set at $20,000 with a third party custodian. If convicted, Cooke faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. A pre-trial conference before Judge Jack Smith in Anchorage is scheduled for May 13th.last_img read more

Statistics New Zealand reveals steady visitor arrivals

first_imgStatistics New Zealand figures have revealed that international visitors arrivals are holding steady as the industry heads into the off-peak season. International visitor arrivals were down 0.4 per cent last month, compared to 141,000 visitors in May last year. However, in total, international visitor arrivals have risen by 3 percent for the year to date.  The Chinese, Japanese and South Korean markets saw significant growth in visitor numbers compared with last May, when outbound travel from these countries was negatively affected by the Influenza A H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak.Tourism New Zealand CEO Kevin Bowler says visitor arrivals from Asian markets are yet to return to the pre global financial crisis levels however they are improving. “We’re unsure of the impact the Shanghai Expo will have on travel from China in the short term, but our work in this market is firmly focused on driving growth beyond 2010,” says Kevin Bowler. Visitation is also improving from the United States, with arrivals up 6.3 per cent (to 11,520 visitors) in May. This is positive news for New Zealand following a drop in arrivals of 14.6 per cent in April from the comparable period in 2009. Growth has come off the back of bargain airfares, returning economic stability and some high-profile PR and advertising campaigns.  Arrivals from the UK continue to decline (down 14.7 per cent), with the May general election, ongoing economic uncertainty and the disruptions from last month’s Icelandic ash cloud all impacting travel from New Zealand’s second-biggest visitor market.Kevin Bowler says New Zealand is also likely a change in visitor arrivals over June/July as Europeans watch the FIFA World Cup closer to home, and backpackers watch the World Cup games in a number of different destinations. Arrivals from Australia also dropped 4.7 per cent last month, compared with 2009 when the market was up 15.8 per cent. With 64,300 arrivals, however, New Zealand’s biggest visitor arrivals market is still performing strongly. Arrivals are up 11.2 per cent for the year to date, with holiday arrivals up 19.0 per cent. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>last_img read more

Eastin Residences Vadodara announces opening today

first_imgSource = Absolute Hotel Services – Eastin Residences Vadodara Eastin Residences Vadodara announces opening todayEastin Residences Vadodara announces opening todayVadodara, which has been chosen by the Smart Cities Council to be part of the significant changes in high economic growth, infrastructure development and evolution of the services sector, now witnesses the opening of Eastin Residences Vadodara on 15th September 2016. This 4 Star Premium Apartment Hotel introduces, the first of it’s genre, “Service Apartment and Residences”, ideal for extended stays and a huge plus for regular business and leisure travel.Special launch rates start from INR 4,000++ per room per night inclusive of the Signature Eastin Buffet Breakfast, Broadband Internet, Airport Pick Up with provisions of early check in from 9.00 am and late check out till 4.00 pm.Room configurations include Studio and one Bedroom well-appointed Apartments, with contemporary design and stylish décor. The attached Kitchenette provides a distinctive edge to the functionality and convenience of every Apartment.All Studio Apartments are furnished with twin / king beds, which comprises of a sofa cum bed in the sitting area, walk-in wardrobe, kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator and heating facility, beds with exclusive 10 inch pocket spring mattresses, air conditioning with individual control units, IP TV with international news channels, broadband wireless internet, tea and coffee maker and electronic in-room safe. The One Bedroom Apartments offer combination of a living room and a private bedroom with separate access, ideal for long-stays.Facilities and services are delivered keeping in mind value, flexibility and consistency to both business and leisure travelers. Includes All Day Dining Restaurant – The Glass House offering extended breakfast until 11.30 am, serving Local, Regional and International Cuisine, a Roof Top Gymnasium, and a Mini Mart cum Wine Shop. The Brand assures that, when arrival time is advised a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival, there is a guarantee of the room being ready upon arrival, otherwise the first night is free. Truly committed to guests and living the promise ‘Value for all Occasions’.Commenting on the hotel opening, Mr. Sameer Dharkar, Managing Director – Indian continent & Middle East, Absolute Hotel Services India said, “We are delighted to announce opening of our new 4 star Boutique Service Apartment in Vadodara. This is a unique offering for Vadodara market and first of its kind from any of the international brand. We are looking to take maximum share of international and domestic long stay corporate guests.” Eastin Residences Vadodarabook your room hereAbout Absolute Hotel Services (AHS) AHS is one of the fastest growing hospitality management/branding companies in Asia with an ever-expanding geographic portfolio of hotels, resorts and serviced residences. ( quartered in Bangkok, Thailand with regional offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and Europe with more expansions planned, AHS and its brands have resonated with investors and consumers contributing value to all stakeholders. Covering the luxury to economy segments through its brands U Hotels & Resorts, Eastin Grand Hotels, Eastin Hotels & Residences and Eastin Easy, AHS have developed and continue to evolve relevant hospitality solutions which work.AHS is an affiliate company of BTS Group Holding Public Company which is one of Thailand’s largest public listed companies with a diverse portfolio covering mass transit, property development, construction management, media, food & beverage and services. About Paramount Hospitality and Infraproject LLPParamount Hospitality and Infraproject LLP is a partnership founded by three individuals who have deep roots and exposure in architecture, construction management and design. Combining expertise in these various fields, the company has targeted the hospitality market and aim to bring various cities in India, a different taste and perception of what we think hospitality and the modern design culture should represent. The firm was founded in December 2016, with an approximate turnover of twenty-four crore rupees to date. It has current employee strength of 25 persons.Paramount’s pilot project, located in Vadodara, Gujarat, is the blueprint for our future plans. It is a 44 room boutique apartment hotel in the suburb of Alkapuri. Each room comes with a built kitchenette, bar counter and enough seating space along with a king bed and walk in closet bathroom. It will be the first of its kind by a milestone in Vadodara.last_img read more

Home Prices Up 6 in 2014s Fourth Quarter

first_img Home prices improved year-over-year in the vast majority of U.S. metros last quarter as low supply volumes clashed with higher demand in a number of markets.The national median price for existing single-family homes in the fourth quarter of 2014 was $208,700, up 6.0 percent from the same quarter in 2013, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). That was better than the third quarter, which saw 4.8 percent annual growth.”Home prices in metro areas throughout the country continue to show solid price growth, up 25 percent over the past three years on average,” said NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. “This is good news for current homeowners but remains a challenge for buyers who are seeing home prices continue to outpace their wages.”While low interest rates have helped keep affordability from slipping too much as prices rise, Yun says stronger wage growth and an increased supply of for-sale homes would be more helpful for would-be buyers.The group estimates that there were 1.85 million existing homes on the market, down from the 2.01 million available a year prior. Sales, meanwhile, came to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.07 million, down from the third quarter but 2.6 percent higher than the pace in 2013’s closing months.The median existing single-family home price rose in 86 percent of measured markets last quarter compared to a year before, with 150 out of 175 metros showing gains. In the third quarter, only 73 percent of metros experienced annual growth.Twenty-four areas (14 percent) posted double-digit returns annually, a rise from 16 in Q3.The five most expensive housing markets last quarter were mostly in California, led by San Jose, where the median price for an existing, single-family home was $855,000. Other Golden State metros included on the list are San Francisco ($742,900), Anaheim-Santa Ana ($688,500), and San Diego ($493,100). Honolulu was the odd one out, taking the third place spot at $701,300.”Despite affordable housing conditions in most of the country, an upward pressure on home prices still persists in some metro areas—particularly in the West—where the current supply of new and existing-homes for sale is failing to keep pace with overall demand and growing populations,” Yun said. “Unless homebuilders significantly boost construction, housing supply shortages could develop and lead to further price acceleration this spring.”Compared to Q4 2013, the Midwest and South both saw the biggest gains in home prices, with each region posting a 6.2 percent year-over-year increase. Prices were higher in the South, coming in at a median $183,500 compared to the Midwest’s median $162,000.Prices were up 4.8 percent in the West to a median $299,500 and 2.2 percent in the Northeast to a median $246,300, NAR reported. Share in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News February 12, 2015 527 Views center_img Home Prices National Association of Realtors 2015-02-12 Tory Barringer Home Prices Up 6% in 2014’s Fourth Quarterlast_img read more

Qantas Holidays and Associated Brands are getting

first_imgQantas Holidays and Associated Brands are getting into the Christmas spirit with a truly festive agent reward program for the first three weeks of December with The 12k’s of Christmas incentive.Bookings made across brands including Qantas Holidays, Sunlover Holidays, Viva! Holidays, Territory Discoveries, ReadyRooms, Insider Journeys, Asia Escape Holidays and Rail Tickets are eligible to earn mega Trip Dollar$ with a total giveaway of $12K on offer. To meet the surge in demand for last minute holiday bookings in December and January across key destinations in Australia, Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Singapore and Thailand allocations have been refreshed and expanded in these areas. Combined with the new last-minute availability feed from Priceline into ReadyRooms with discounts of up to 65% all your bookings will be taken care of. To be in the running agents just need to deposit a new booking that departs before 30 June, 2019. $500 in Trip Dollar$ will be awarded each week and in each state group to the agents who make the most number of bookings and also to the agents who book the most revenue across bookings made in the qualifying period (2 December 2018 to 22 December 2018). Top number of bookings and top revenue in each state group will be awarded $300 Trip Dollar$, second place will receive $150 and third place $50. Steve Brady, Head of Wholesale Sales encourages all agents to be a part of the incentive reward program. “We’re seeing a lot of last minute enquiry for popular destinations for December and January bookings and the good news is we have increased our allocations to meet the demand. Along with our last-minute Priceline feed we have all bases covered. And every new sale will count towards this incentive!” This comes at a time when the group of Wholesale brands has recently released two key upgrades to ReadyRooms with an additional content feed sourced from Priceline, owner of This new feed provides a dedicated inventory of discounted and distressed product with discounts of up to 65% off full price and an average discount of 30%. The feed also provides a substantial range of additional hotels, additional inventory and additional rate types. An advanced admin dashboard has also been released in ReadyRooms that gives managers more control. The ability to Name Your Own Price (NYOP) is proving to be one of the most popular features in the system. With managers having the ability to set rules on how they manage NYOP at an agency level by setting a NYOP level or setting limits on the minimum or maximum NYOP allowed. Managers also now have the ability to give access to consultants in their agency to see all bookings. “We’ve been impressed with the continued sales growth of the ReadyRooms platform,” Brady said. “With zero credit card fees, advanced search functionality, the ability to earn upfront commission, NYOP and now even more content, we’re confident that agents are finding the product they need at a very competitive price. Agents can book with ReadyRooms secure in the knowledge that the business is backed by Qantas Holidays, part of the Helloworld Travel Limited Group.” agents. incentiveAsia Escape HolidaysInsider JourneysQantas HolidaysRail TicketsReadyRoomsSunlover holidaysTerritory DiscoveriesViva! Holidayslast_img read more

Jones biggest asset is his mental grasp of the ga

first_imgJones’ biggest asset is his mental grasp of the game. He was excellent in setting protections for the Crimson Tide all season.Jones is excellent in the run game, holding his ground against larger defenders, and is adept at working combo blocks to the next level.He is better in pass protection because he understands how to absorb contact and use it to deter the pass rusher, which is something we saw a lot of in the BCS National Championship game versus Notre Dame and their outstanding defensive line.Projection: Second roundKyle Long, Oregon – 6-6, 310 lbsYoung in his development as an offensive lineman, Long has the look of a dynamic, in-space guard prospect.He moved from the defensive line to offensive line, and despite that is an incredible technician at the position already.He needs to get stronger and there are concerns about his ability in a traditional style blocking attack, but he should be able to fit in nicely in a zone blocking scheme.Projection: Second roundDallas Thomas, Tennessee – 6-5, 310 lbsThomas excelled in his first season playing guard for the Vols. The former left tackle had his moments of looking uncomfortable at his new position, but overall came out looking like a guy you can take in round two and feel comfortable with him playing either right tackle or guard in the NFL. One of the more interesting things to watch unfold come draft day will be how fast the interior offensive linemen come off the board.Within the internet and fan community there is a belief that Chance Warmack, the Alabama guard, has a shot to be the first guard taken in the top ten of the NFL Draft since 1997.While I am in total agreement that Warmack is worth a top ten selection, I don’t understand the idea that it is a slam dunk since guards are just not drafted that high. Warford is a throwback power run game guard, with the ability to anchor well in pass pro and stone his defender at the point of attack.While Warford pulls well, he doesn’t always finish his pulls, and can struggle to maintain and finish his blocks when in space and can spend too much time diving at ankles.Projection: Second roundJonathan Cooper, North Carolina – 6-3, 295 lbsCooper is part of the new age of guards, with his smaller, quicker build, along with the ability to play in space and get to the next level to block smaller/quicker defenders.While Cooper is a bit undersized for my taste, he is solidly put together with room to add weight. His ability to move in the run game on pulls, traps and reach blocks makes him a special kind of prospect.Cooper wins consistently in the run game because of his ability to get off the ball quicker than his defender and initiate contact, which allows him to control his defender.Cooper will have to add strength to be able to stand up to bigger defensive lineman in pass pro, but that should come with his weight gain.Projection: Late first roundBarrett Jones, Alabama – 6-5, 311 lbsJones is hard to pinpoint position-wise. He has played guard, left tackle and center on three different national championship teams, but looks to be a center at the NFL level. Projection: Fifth round Thomas is a very technically sound, well-built prospect, with good feet and adequate athleticism.He can struggle versus speed at times, which is why I feel he projects best as a guard at the next level.Thomas is also an excellent in-line blocker, but he didn’t pull very much at Tennessee so there are questions about his ability to get out and block in space.Projection: Second-third roundTravis Frederick, Wisconsin – 6-4, 338 lbsThe prototype of a phone booth guard, Frederick played center at Wisconsin in his final season with the Badgers but looks to be a guard at the NFL level.Frederick is not a great athlete and needs to get his hands on you early, but as the old saying goes, once he does, it’s over.Frederick is a good fit in a power run game scheme where he is asked to line up and block the man in front of him, but he doesn’t move overly well in space in the run game and isn’t overly adept at moving laterally to pick up blitzes in pass pro.Projection: Third RoundAlvin Bailey, Arkansas – 6-5, 319 lbsMany were surprised to see Bailey enter the 2013 NFL Draft, but uncertainty at Arkansas led the junior to forgo his senior season. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Top Stories That being said, the interior offensive line class this year is good, if not slightly top heavy, with a group that should be able to come in and make an impact immediately.Chance Warmack, Alabama – 6-3, 320 lbsOne of the reasons I have the belief that guards are the most important players on the offensive line is because of the shift defensively that we are seeing, with teams applying interior pressure on passing downs.Warmack is not just a typical mauler at the guard position, but has the athleticism and elite awareness to pick up different blitzes coming through.Warmack’s greatest asset is his ability to open up lanes in the running game and win consistently at the point of attack.Warmack can struggle with bigger nose tackle-type defensive lineman, as he can lose his anchor and be driven backwards in pass pro at times.Warmack may be worthy of a top ten pick, and hopefully the NFL recognizes that, but I won’t be holding my breath come draft night.Projection: Top 20 pickLarry Warford, Kentucky – 6-3, 340 lbsWhile others have become enamored with the movement and athleticism of my third-ranked interior offensive lineman, I still like my guards to be old school. Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Bailey is a massive prospect that has excellent strength and moves well in space for a man of his size. He is an unfinished product at this time, though, and may not be ready to contribute right away in the 2013 season.Projection: Third-fourth roundDavid Schwenke, California – 6-3, 305 lbsSchwenke was one of the more impressive prospects at the Senior Bowl, and his stock has grown in the internet community, meaning we have finally caught up to what the NFL had thought all along.Schwenke is equally proficient in the run and pass game as a blocker, and wins because of solid technique and a strong understanding of how to get into his defender and win early.Schwenke can get moved around by bigger and stronger players at times and doesn’t always anchor well in pass pro, but his ability to set protections along the offensive line is what will make him a solid NFL starter.Projection: Third-fourth roundTerron Armstead, Arkansas Pine-Bluff – 6-4, 310 lbsA mountain of a man, Armstead played offensive tackle in college but looks to kick down to guard at the NFL level.Country strong with room to grow, Armstead is one of the more intriguing long-term prospects, and from the games I have seen there is NFL talent — he just needs to harness it and be coached up properly. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Jacada Travel has launched the Explorer Lounge at its Hong Kong office and Asia hub in Lyndhurst Terrace, Central.Managing Director and Founder of Jacada Travel, Alex Malcolm, explains the idea behind the Explorer’s Lounge: “With Jacada Travel the fun doesn’t start at the beginning of your trip, but from the moment you step into the Explorer Lounge. Hence, we’ve created a space that reflects the Jacada Travel experience: relaxed, stylish, and inspiring. This project has been exciting throughout for me, watching the space fill up and the Lounge come to life. I believe the lounge will help us to plan even better and more personal trips with our guests, as the setting will bring them away from the bustle of the city and put them in the holiday mood. We love hearing the glowing stories of our client’s experiences upon their return. Likewise, we are eager to share our knowledge and inspiration to start planning their next trip!”When clients enter the Explorer Lounge, they are met by one of Jacada’s Travel Designers. Over coffee, tea or a glass of wine, the client and travel designer study maps, photographs, and share experiences of some of the world’s most impressive destinations.“We’ve not only created a calm, comfortable lounge where clients can meet us to start planning their next trip, but we’ve also crafted a carefully designed hideaway to provide a chic and inspiring retreat for Hong Kong’s most discerning travellers”, says Malcolm.Malcolm appointed Candace Campos and her team at ID-entity Design, a multi – disciplinary design practice, to take care of the interior creative planning and execution. The Explorer Lounge is decked out with vintage maps, trinkets, plush seats, lighting fixtures by the French industrial designer Sergio Mouille, and hand woven tapestries from the Jacada team’s travels. A pair of Kilin armchairs by the late Rio-born architect and designer Sergio Rodrigues adorn the lounge.Around the lounge, you will also find traditional Khmer scarves from Cambodia, intricate hand-carved Maasai statues and iconic Maasai textiles from Tanzania, a shadow puppet from Vietnam, an African wooden handled fly swat made with real horse hair, a coffee table photography book from luxury safari company Singita, natural beauty products from the Alila hotel group. Campos explains, “It was important for us to create an environment that echos the countries that Jacada’s customers will visit. The Explorer Lounge will be a space where customers can touch, feel, and experience the journeys they will soon take.”The Lounge has an additional purpose which Cerise Tsang, Asia Marketing and PR Manager elaborates on, “The Explorer Lounge is a concept in itself, the space is not only for consulting and meeting our clients, but to be used for small intimate VIP events. With our prime location and personal space we want to stretch beyond the practice of a tour operator by working with our brand partners and local community on high-value collaborative events and workshops such as gourmet itineraries, wine tastings, family travel, wellness, arts and culture initiatives and more.”Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

New government website for jobseekers and employers

first_imgThe labour ministry has announced the creation of a new website where unemployed people can register and where employers can look for workers.According to the ministry, the website aims to simplify the selection and recruitment process by giving employers direct access to an electronic register of unemployed people, where their qualifications, experience and skills will be presented.The platform aims to provide a complete service for both the job seekers and employers.Employers will have authorised access to specific personal data of the unemployed. So far 14,000 job seekers gave their written permission to be registered on the platform.To obtain a password for access on the platform, employers must know their employer registration number, and complete a short registration form on the website.For more information visit May LikeHealthZapHe Was Not Just A Janitor But, A Soldier With A Great ReputationHealthZapUndoHealth & Human Research7 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer Growing In Your BodyHealth & Human ResearchUndoStairlift | Search AdsRowland Heights Residents: Stairlifts Could Be A Cheaper Luxury Than You Might ThinkStairlift | Search AdsUndo ‘Ordinary hero’ says EU cooperation succeeded in combating human traffickingUndoRouhani hopes British PM Johnson’s “familiarity” with Iran will help improve relationsUndoCypriot ambassadors gather in Nicosia for annual briefingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more