Man was sentenced to 1 years to open pornographic website members of the development of the 7 thousa

days ago, the Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court on Wang and 9 illegal pornographic websites offer a case verdicts: website run by Wang was sentenced to life imprisonment, site administrators, moderators and other 8 people sentenced to six years in prison until two years and six months.

opened the site in more than a year, the development of VIP more than 7000 members, Wang illegal profit of more than 80 yuan.

offshore server built yellow

secondary school culture Wang was born in Tianjin in 1985. July 2007, he was guilty of the crime of spreading pornographic materials, was sentenced to two years in Tianjin City People’s court sentenced to imprisonment for a period of up to three years. read more

Why did Ma Yun choose him as Ali CEO Zhang Yong for the first time publicly joined Ali reasons

grace playfully sister: "Zhang Yong said that the next 30 years, is full of technology and business integration and application of 30 years."  

January 8th, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong (flower name free and unfettered child) guest of the first financial wealth China column. Program, Zhang Yong first talk about the reasons for the accession to the Alibaba, recalling the origin of the double 11, to explore the business opportunities in the wireless age, but also a new interpretation of the real economy. read more

Today’s e-commerce market is really meet the needs of the people

e-commerce development trend in recent years is very rapid. This situation, not only for the majority of Internet users to provide a convenient online shopping platform, but also for many entrepreneurs who bring hope. However, the birth of an industry, there are advantages and disadvantages, it is inevitable. I hope our country can really introduce some good policies to regulate the domestic e-commerce market.


e-commerce has led to a number of industrial chain, but its essence should be based on a strong logistics support. I’ve always believed in this, and I’ve had a lot of experience. This is the B2B, B2C, C2C e-commerce operators have been taboo. I am a e-commerce operators, I also have their own products. I am here today to express my remarks, I am sure that the logistics is very much questioned. Of course, I certainly hope that China’s e-commerce can be as mature as the United States, I hope that e-commerce can really bring more convenience to the people! read more

Short domain favored Oriental wealth also enabled CN domain name

      it is understood that sina, Sohu and so enable a short CN domain name.

      video portal: 6rooms has also enabled

      in addition to these two well-known portals, there are already more and more sites to start a shorter CN domain name.

      recent financial portal Oriental Wealth Network ( has also begun to enable the domain name.

in view of this situation, the reporter was interested to visit several industry insiders, they believe that the domestic web enabled CN domain name for the user is undoubtedly a good news, the future users will have less input letters, more important is a brief note: such as Standard Chartered Bank enabled. read more

Webmaster to eight dominant network

ten years ago, Ma Yun founded Alibaba, put forward the concept of "network", as a media comment: "ten years, ten years, an enlightenment; an industry cycle; ten years, an industry inflection point". It has been in the past ten years, the next ten years, the pattern of e-commerce will be? I want to is the founder of Internet media, webmaster friends should more clearly than the general e-commerce users, the real opportunity in the next ten years.

when you find many once boring Internet open Benz drove BMW away from you, have lamented the influence of electronic commerce. Now the network has become the number of geometric growth, many webmaster Wangyangxingtan: "so much competition, I can do it?", but you have not found, you really lose chance? I dare say that the era of e-commerce, network operators do most has the absolute advantage of the group is the webmaster… read more

Analysis to see the essence of O2O, save the market to promote the buy

from the thousand regiments of the war to the present, now buy products are basically formed, the United States mission, handle, comments, glutinous rice is the first echelon, each of which is also inherent in the field of stability. But any one industry can not meet, even such a simple group purchase products is not think something lying on the laurels laurels, especially in WeChat marketing "run amuck" today, group purchase if not continue to enhance their value, it is likely to be a WeChat street life service get rid of, so the concept of O2O more than once was mentioned. The more times mentioned, the author doubts the greater, the concept of O2O really can help the group purchase market competition from Oliver, realize the further development of read more

On B2C, breaking changes, pattern

This is a

attention to the foreign e-commerce market and the traditional enterprise, also met some friends, including the United States B2C company, overseas C2C platform big sellers, logistics company boss, investment manager VC, an analyst at consulting firm, the traditional enterprise business trader. And a variety of different perspectives of the intersection, the collision of a lot of sparks, some of their own point of view, a number of phenomena with a new view:

1 China B2C profit margin: read more

Shop worry Taobao shop must know 30 questions

in Taobao shop more and more friends, the following 30 questions, you must know, otherwise the consequences are very serious!

1, you must know in Taobao shop, unlike Ma propaganda so beautiful, today opened the shop, the day after tomorrow will be successful!


must know the crown shop, gold shop can do together is not a day for two days, it is time to accumulate


3, must know that you are now entering the line, you need to pay ten times the effort to later on!

4, you must know to do business on the Internet to pay attention to integrity, do a bad thing you may lose all the efforts! read more

B2B profit model

at present our country electronic commerce pattern according to the transaction object mainly divides into three kinds: the enterprise to the enterprise electronic commerce B2B, the enterprise to consumer’s electronic commerce B2C, consumer to consumer’s electronic commerce C2C. Among them, B2B plays a dominant role, is currently China’s most profitable e-commerce model, according to iResearch forecast mechanism, by the end of 2009, the overall size of China e-commerce market will reach 37000 billion yuan, of which B2B market size is expected to reach 26900 yuan. read more

See you from the elves in the mystery is Wangzhuan opportunities or a scam


small elves have appeared because of the project more suited to the needs of friends and Wangzhuan advertising has become a new bright spot in the field of Wangzhuan temptation. Then because of the advertising and promotion of the system show no restrictions on the Internet were a lot of people up. Google why do that? Is this very famous team can develop such outstanding software and management system, not in the website system is not reflected in the consequences? Can say I am not familiar with the circumstances, after seeing the ad did not hesitate to register. When I joined the initial time, learned that the restrictions and the promotion of the system is also the same as other friends, there is a feeling of being cheated, it is disgusted and some regret not careful. When calm down and think carefully, but found that there is a hidden mystery, then I will take the initiative to do. read more